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Sports for credit at ELTE

Would you like to include some exercise to your daily schedule between your lectures and seminars? Are you looking for an interesting course? Are you uncertain what to choose? The best decision is DOING SPORTS. Take this opportunity. Now you can choose from a wide range of general PE courses at ELTE. Our instructors offer quality and cheerful training to all ELTE students. You can choose from more than 40 courses.

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How to apply for a course?

Log in to the Neptun system. Under the “Register for subject" tab, select the current semester and the "All institutional subjects" option. Select the search icon from the icons on the right side. Select the “Search by subject code” option and enter the VTN code. Have a look at exercise opportunities and apply for them.

Important: the courses are continually uploaded until the registration week, so it’s worth checking the Neptun occasionally.

The general PE courses cost HUF 6,000/semester, which is displayed in the Neptun under the “Finances” tab. The courses usually include 12-13 occasions and you have to participate in the classes with a maximum of 3 absences in order to complete them.

From the transfer to the joint account to paying the debt. Bank transfer with the desired amount to the ELTE joint account. Wait for the notification about the successful transfer to the joint account (1 or 2 working days). Fulfill the payment anytime using the balance on the joint account shown in the Neptun.

Steps of transferring money to the joint account

Transfer to the joint account

Beneficiary: Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem

Beneficiary’s bank account number: 10032000-01426201-01120008

Note field: NK-Neptun Code (where Neptun Code refers to your personal Neptun Code)

Amount: the amount of money you wish to transfer

Receipt of the transferred amount

If you have entered your e-mail address in the system, you will receive a notification about the successful transfer.

Important: your debt has not been settled yet.

Completing payment

“Finances" menu option “Payment" tab

To pay the transcribed (i.e. active) items, check the “Pay in" box next to the item to be paid.

Click on the "Next" button below.

Then click on the “Pay in” button on the appearing display.

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