Go for it, BEAC!

Greetings from the Chairman

Dear Fellow Sportsmen and Students,

For more than a hundred years Budapest University Athletics Club (BEAC) – the official sports association of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest founded in 1898 – has been welcoming citizens interested in an active and healthy lifestyle. We are just as proud of our current top athletes and former world and Olympic champions as we are of our hundreds of amateur members since we have all been forming and will continue to form those ideas that our founder, Baron Loránd Eötvös had once outlined.

Following his creed, our mission has been to promote physical education and healthy lifestyle not only at the university but also at social levels in order to make positive impacts on future generations. Whilst still completing our old tasks, now we have to face new, difficult challenges posed in our modern times, such as the widespread destruction of our natural environment and the decline of small communities. We firmly believe that positive changes should arise from us; from our values, thoughts and actions.

Sport teaches us endurance and respect for our environment and each other. It creates the harmonious unity of mind and body, making us part of our natural and social environment once again. It leads us back to the values that can contribute to strengthening our communities. Budapest University Athletics Club has been striving to reach these goals and we hope to provide a successful Hungarian society with active and conscious citizens.

Dr Imre Hamar
Chairman of BEAC

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Our historical moments

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