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It does not matter whether you come from Buda or Pest, you can find training on both sides of the Danube.

BEAC aerobics is waiting at 5 venues in downtown and Újbuda for those, who wish to participate in group trainings. You can choose from various types of sports, such as zumba, spine training, body shaping aerobics, pilates, etc. Our coaches are enthusiastic, young and skilled, so good mood and professionalism are guaranteed during the classes.

We are looking forward to seeing you every afternoon and evening from September with love, big smiles and the greatest workout plans. You can choose from 3 types of memberships, depending on where you live, where your courses are and where you walk around in Budapest. You can join to the trainings everywhere you wish. You will surely not find any better bargain than the unlimited BEAC Aerobics membership valid for 5 months. Do not hesitate, plan your workouts now.


Website: www.beacaerobik.hu

Facebook: BEAC Aerobik - Mozogni Boldogság

Instagram: beacaerobik

Passes available

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BEACh Body Aerobik pass
11 000 - 12 500 Ft
BEACh Body Aerobics pass for 2 month
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BEAC Aerobics pass I Spring/ BUDAPEST
22 500 - 25 000 Ft
BEAC Aerobics pass I Spring/ BUDAPEST
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BEAC Aerobics pass I Spring/ Buda/Pest
16 500 - 19 000 Ft
BEAC Aerobics pass I Spring/ Buda/Pest

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