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The aim of spinal yoga is to professionally move your spine, during which the range of motion of the spine increases. Muscles and joints are strengthened and stretched in a balanced way. Static endurance yoga poses correct the flaws of general posture. As we spend more time in the asanas and repeat them several times, the freedom of movement develops in the body and proper posture is established.

Yoga for women includes exercises specially designed for women to restore and maintain their health. It focuses on experiencing femininity as well as accepting and acknowledging our current situation and ourselves.

Fascial yoga is a system of approach along which we modify traditional yoga practice in a few cases. Fascia is the human connective tissue that connects everything in the body. In the classes, we work on connected chains to make flexibility, mobility, and strength development even more effective. You can expect dynamic, flow-like classes where we safely increase the range of motion of narrowed joints and muscle strength.

Relaxation and meditation. Yoga is a tool with which we can silence our mental and conscious processes in order to move towards meditation. It provides practical guidance for those who would like to create an effective meditation practice in addition to the asanas. During meditation, you can get rid of accumulated tensions in the body and mind, experience inward observation and be filled with positive energy.

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BEAC TT4 room (1117 Budapest, Bogdánfy street 10/B.)

Ludovika fencing room (1089 Budapest, Üllői út 89.)


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E-mail: [email protected]

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