Aerial Hammock & Silk

Have you ever dreamed of a workout where not only time can fly, but so can you?

We welcome everyone to our classes, regardless of age, gender, build or sport experience!

Aerial silk (also known as tissue) is a form of aerial gymnastics that originates from the world of circus, with its seemingly effortless aerial exercises. In our classes, you can learn the graceful elements and acrobatic combinations on two different tools: hammock is a swing-like silk fixed on two suspending points, while silk is a fabric hanging down from the ceiling with two really long strands. Usually we suggest doing aerial hammock first to get the strength, coordination, technical basics and confidence you'll need to perform exercises on silk. Whichever tool you practice on, in this class you can strengthen and stretch every inch of your body simultaneously, while your coordination and sense of balance are constantly improving too.

We currently offer mixed level classes, where everyone is challenged by exercises according to their individual development, so you can equally participate as a beginner or advanced student. We recommend you to have long, close-fitting, comfortable sportswear for the classes.

Beside our pole and aerial fitness classes, we also provide a variety of complementary classes to support your development. With your season pass you can also attend our sport-specific stretching and development classes and workshops.


When? You can find our current timetable HERE.

Our classes take place within the frame of extracurricular training sessions and are not available via Neptun.


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Aerial Hammock & Silk

Contact Name: Marosi Móni - szakosztályvezető, edző

E-mail: [email protected]

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