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Volleyball is a spectacular and popular sport all around the globe.

The simple it looks, the complex it is in reality. You are working 400 different muscles while playing volleyball. It develops coordination skills and it demands ability to think in a team.

Our trainings are available for all students looking for physical activity, everyone will find the level suitable for them from beginner to advanced sportsmen. The trainings incorporate physical performance development and ball techniques.

Students who would like to go to competitions can participate at our department tournaments and they can be admitted to competition teams.

Who do I recommend it and why? Movement, community, game, passion, competition. Some members of our team used to watch the trainings from the gym and joined, others found a new sport love and many had volleyball present all their lives. We all find something in it that we love.


Facebook: ELTE Röplabda


Contact Name: András Bögöly

E-mail: [email protected]

Passes available

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Volleyball passes for 5 trainings
4 500 - 5 000 Ft
Volleyball passes for 5 trainings

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Volleyball pass for 10 trainings
9 000 - 10 000 Ft
Volleyball pass for 10 trainings

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Will you have a muscle revolt?

Find your favourite sport, venue, community!


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