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In Balance training, we use a special hemispherical device to perform exercises that require constant balancing. Adapting to instability will engage the whole body simultaneously and uniquely develop deep and core muscles, joint stability and brain-nerve-muscle connections. It supports both the development of posture and the consciousness of our movements in everyday life and during other sport activities as well. But it is not only our posture and coordination that can be improved, the versatility of the tool also allows us to develop our stamina, strength, flexibility and even concentration skills. Balance training is an established training method in both rehabilitation and competitive sport environments, often used in medical therapies, injury prevention, and as a complementary class for runners and ball sport enthusiasts.

We welcome everyone to our classes, regardless of age, gender, build and previous sport experience! We recommend comfortable, flexible sportswear for our training.


When? You can find our current timetable HERE.

Our classes take place within the frame of extracurricular training sessions and are not available via Neptun.


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Instagram: @BEAC_pole_aerial


Contact Name: Marosi Móni - szakosztályvezető, edző

E-mail: [email protected]

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