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The activities of the department are grouped around the following, and among us students, former students, outsiders or acquaintances are also welcomed.

Within the ELTE Hiking course we organize hikes on weekends within the semesters to the mountains nearby Budapest (Buda, Börzsöny, Gerecse, Vértes, Pilis, Visegrád Mts.). The hikes are mostly at beginner level on 5-20 km long distances. For experienced hikers we organize 20-30 km long, more difficult hikes on weekends.

Completing a hike requires strength and endurance, hiking also requires a minimum of endurance and physical fitness, but the atmosphere on hikes is always good. The hike leaders are giving extra geological, botanical, historical knowledge also during the hikes. We often organize hike to the National Blue hiking movement.

The Hiking Department members are, who are not course members, are not students or alumni members, hike leaders, friends, acquintances, etc.

The members can participate free in our organized hikes and get discount from the price of the three days hike and our performance hikes. MTSZ (Hungarian Hikers Alliance) sticker and BEAC card are provided for all members who pay the 2000 HUF fee.

Membership fee payment:

Bank transfer:

Initated: Budapesti Egyetemi Atlétikai Club

Account number: 11711034- 20023436

Notice: Természetjárás tagdíj

Personally with cash:

Place: BEAC office, in opening hours

Informations about memberships:

László Braun – Membership, membership fee administration

E-mail: [email protected]

Membership fee: 2000 HUF for calendar year (1st January-31th December)

The two well-known performance tours of the department are the Sárga 70 on May 1 and the XI. district 11 km will be held on November 11, the completion of which will also count as an opportunity to complete the course.

The Sárga 70 instant hike will also start this year, the completion of which will also counts passing the course.

A multi-day team building hike is organized every semester, which is the biggest attraction of the semester in terms of atmosphere in general.

Last but not least, hike rating is one of the tasks of the department.

Contact people:

László Braun – Membership, membership fee administration

E-mail: [email protected]

Péter Gál – organizer of the Hiking course

E-mail: [email protected]

Dávid Palotás – performance tours

E-mail: [email protected]

Dániel Pósch – hiker rating

Hike leaders:

László Braun

Gábor Csanády

Péter Gál

Dávid Kocsis

Dávid Palotás

Dániel Parti

Dániel Pósch

Laura Sujtó

András Terecskei

Berti Hambuch

Judit Vincze

Passing the Hiking course:

Those who have signed up for the Hiking course have several options for successful completion. A total of 5 points must be earned during the semester. There are typically two types of hikes: beginner (1 point) and advanced (2 points). Basically anyone can take part in the beginner, the advanced is a more serious challenge, but in fact anyone can do it with a little aptitude, determination and appropriate clothing. It is possible to collect 5 occasions to complete the semester in four ways:

1. You participate in guided hikes, tematics is currently available on Neptun and sent in course e-mail, but you can find our semi-annual planned tours below.

Hikes to different regions are mainly organized on weekends, it can only fall on weekdays during the spring / autumn break or other teaching holidays. They will be posted on our FB page minimum of 1 week before the event. Depending on the difficulty, 1 or 2 points are awarded for one occasion. At the end of the tour, the hike leader asks for the Neptunecode of the participants so that we can identify the participating students.

The multi-day team builder is usually worth 3 points for full participation.

Semi annual planned trips:

2. There are also instant hikes that can be completed individually at any time during the semester. You need a smartphone to do this, you can use the GeoGo app to verify touch points as well as start / finish points. If you can, register with GeoGo with the email address you provided in Neptun to help you identify yourself. All information about using GeoGo is available at www.geogo.hu. Our instant hikes are also 1 or 2 points, you can get them here:

Pilis and Visegrád Mts. (1. INSTANT HIKE) https://geogo.hu/geogo/-MT1BaUv7QigJPASASnC

Börzsöny Mts. (2. INSTANT HIKE) https://geogo.hu/geogo/-MTeDx4y7aZcFDzNnX2u

Budapest (3. INSTANT HIKE) https://geogo.hu/geogo/-MTeE_KgtOJ61xyYLEWu

Buda Mts. (4. INSTANT HIKE) https://geogo.hu/geogo/-MTeF7KBycaYFz5JvPBK

Budapest (5. INSTANT HIKE) https://geogo.hu/geogo/-MTeFPvJ2B8QZ6PtrRZ_

Börzsöny Mts. (6. INSTANT HIKE) https://geogo.hu/geogo/-MTeIoD7KYbgfUqlxvBk

Buda Mts. (7. INSTANT HIKE) https://geogo.hu/geogo/-MTeJKDFmoynuPM_RxYX

Pilis and Visegrád Mts. (8. INSTANT HIKE) https://geogo.hu/geogo/-MTeJc1VJfxVqQtqJO3V

Buda Mts. (9. INSTANT HIKE) https://geogo.hu/geogo/-MTeJrPzlbXqs6k3IoBF

Pilis and Visegrád Mts. (10. INSTANT HIKE) https://geogo.hu/geogo/-MTeKDUynwqhmdPX5Cvy

Gödöllő Hills (11. INSTANT HIKE) https://geogo.hu/geogo/-MTeKUBrAJsmZ-J9Zwp3

Sárga 70 different distances (INSTANT HIKE)* https://www.instantsarga.hu

For tours marked with *, distance 70 is worth four, distances 30, 20A, 20B are two, and distances 15, 10 are worth one point.

Instant hikes can be completed at any time, for any number of times, or to complete the semester with instant hikes only, but we recommend to participate at least one leaded hike for the sake of the atmosphere.

3. You can make commity tasks. There are usually two types:

-or signal painting on a specific day

-or assist the organization in the two performance tours of the department. It used to be a lot of fun, we used to credit one point for a day, but the community experience is much more valuable than that. We are also used to preparing surprise gifts for helpful students. These are also advertised on our Facebook page.

4. You certify your participation in various performance tours and hiking movements during the given semester. In this case, the score will be determined individually. Write to [email protected].


Our Facebook page:



Contact Name: Péter Gál- ELTE sport scholarship holder

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact Name: Dávid Palotás- Endurance hike

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact Name: Pósch Dániel- Hiking rating

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact Name: Gábor Csanády- ELTE sport scholarship holder

E-mail: [email protected]

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