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New locations, new class types and a new instructor - this is what awaits you in the spring yoga season

2024. 02. 01.
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We look forward to welcoming you to BEAC yoga classes on different days of the week. Spinal, fascial-based flow, women's, yin yang and energy flow yoga classes can be visited for 12 weeks!

In the season that lasts until May 22, we are waiting for those who are interested with six different types of yoga classes. Only one type of yoga can be visited with one pass.


Fehér Hold Stúdió (NEW LOCATION!)- 1084 Budapest, József u. 5. 1.em 1., 15. doorbell | Monday: spine yoga and yin yang flow yoga

AGORA Studio - 1085 Budapest, Üllői út 6. | Tuesday: women's yoga

Budapest University Athletic Club - BEAC Fitness Room (1117 Budapest, Bogdánfy u. 10/B) | Wednesday: fascial-based flow and energy flow yoga

Performance Studio (NEW LOCATION!) - 1095 Budapest, Ipar utca 3. | Thursday: spine yoga

Passes and tickets:

You can buy your passes HERE! It is possible to purchase the 12 suitable passes in 2 installments, however, we cannot guarantee that the free places will not be filled for the second half of the course!

Spring yoga pass in 1 installment: HUF 27,000

Spring yoga pass in 2 installments: HUF 31,000 (2x15,500)

Class descriptions:

SPINE YOGA - Dorottya Müller - Hungarian and English

We deal with moving the spinal column and strengthening the deep supporting muscles. During practice, we teach the body to activate the muscles responsible for correct posture. By stretching your muscles and increasing the joint range of motion, we promote easier and pain-free movement. I recommend it to everyone, but especially to those who, due to their occupation, sit a lot or have posture problems.

YIN YANG FLOW YOGA - Dorottya Müller - Hungarian and English

The practice in which strength (yang) and tenderness (yin) are present at the same time. The first half of the class is spent with a more dynamic, complex flow, where the movement is continuous. And at the end, we end with a body and soul relaxing stretch. The focus will be on the deep muscles of the trunk, the core muscles, the proper functioning of which is essential for all movements. I recommend it to those who want to be stronger by moving their whole body, and at the same time improve their flexibility.

SPINE YOGA - Viki Horváth - Hungarian

Spinal yoga is an effective method for preventing and alleviating spinal problems. With regular practice, the body becomes pain-free, stronger and more flexible. We recommend it to regular yogis, beginners and beginners who want to master yoga techniques precisely. Postures, breathing exercises and relaxation will 100% refresh your body and mind!

During the classes, we pay careful attention to the mobilization of the spine, as well as the strengthening of the muscles next to the spine, abdominal muscles and deep muscles. We also deal with the prevention and correction of posture errors.

FASCIAL-BASED FLOW YOGA - Viki Horváth - Hungarian

The fascial approach makes yoga sufficiently preventive even for the modern person, while developing it in many ways. This form of exercise helps balance body structures and posture, and strengthens muscles that are not used or not used enough. Effective in increasing joint range of motion and flexibility. The flow class type covers dynamic practice in which movement is continuous. This also occupies the nervous system, we get involved in the practice, thus the class ensures physical, spiritual and mental recharge.

ENERGY FLOW YOGA - Viki Horváth - Hungarian

In the energy flow classes, we learn to release and activate our energy stores in the body. The process starts by releasing blockages and adhesions in the body along the fascial chains, on anatomical bases, and then we go through the symbolism of the chakra system, seeing what we can use in everyday life from the ancient Indian teachings. All this in a modern guise, based on self-knowledge, mostly to more rhythmic, electronic melodies. There will be faster classes, there will be calm, soft, stress-relieving classes, always what is needed. In every class, we learn something new about our own functioning through the teachings of yoga, but tailored to modern living. It will be an exciting adventure, I'm waiting for you!

WOMEN'S YOGA AND MEDITATION - Antonia Hauptmann-Tőkés - Hungarian

The external conditions are confusing, they are constantly changing, and they present us with new challenges. Even in this changed situation, it is worth stopping from time to time, taking time for yourself, turning your attention from the outside to the inside. In women's yoga classes, we turn to our bodies with acceptance and patience. During the exercises, we strengthen the area of ​​the pelvis, lower abdomen, hips and perineum, and improve their circulation. We help our connection with our women's health with postures, breathing exercises and meditation. The aim of the classes is to create harmony of body, mind and soul.

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