Volleyball is a spectacular and popular sport all around the globe. The simple it looks, the complex it is in reality. You are working 400 different muscles while playing volleyball. It develops coordination skills and it demands ability to think in a team.

Our trainings are available for all students looking for physical activity, everyone will find the level suitable for them from beginner to advanced sportsmen. The trainings incorporate physical performance development and ball techniques. Students who would like to go to competitions can participate at our department tournaments and they can be admitted to competition teams.

Who do I recommend it and why? Movement, community, game, passion, competition. Some members of our team used to watch the trainings from the gym and joined, others found a new sport love and many had volleyball present all their lives. We all find something in it that we love.


1. Where are the workouts?
District XI Bogdánfy street 10 / b BEAC sports hall, 1st field

2. I am not an ELTE member / do I have one or two non-ELTE acquaintances who would also come?
Of course, it is possible to visit us as an outsider.

3. I’m x years old, I’ve been playing volleyball for y years, is that okay?
We welcome everyone from the age of 14 to our trainings.

4. Who is the advanced-intermediate-beginner?
- Advanced: who has played in a serious association for several years.
- Intermediate: who has played in a high school team all the time or has been with us for quite a few years.
- Beginner: everyone else starts in this category, but you can always move up!

5. What workouts are there?
We provide at least 3 training opportunities per week for everyone, on weekdays and weekends by gender and level. (please follow the level markings)

6. How much does it cost me, i.e. membership fee?
HUF 10,000/ semester

7. The method and process of paying the membership fee?
Upon payment, a record sheet must be filled in at the training, in return you will receive a MEMBERSHIP CARD with a stamp for the current semester. You have to bring this with you to every workout because the trainer will check it out!


Contact Name: András Bögöly

E-mail: [email protected]

Will you have a muscle revolt?

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