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In person and online the BEAC winter yoga season is open to all

2022. 12. 07.
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The BEAC yoga instructors welcome you in person and online for yoga classes in spinal yoga, women's yoga and fascial yoga on different days of the week during the winter season.

During the season from 2 January to 15 February we offer three different types of yoga classes. Only one type of yoga can be attended with one pass.

Hours and locations:

Fascial-based flow and meditation (6 sessions) ELTE Apáczai Csere János Practical High School (1053 Budapest, Papnövelde utca 4-6.) | First session: 11 January 2023.

Women's Yoga
(7 sessions) | AGORA (1085 Budapest Üllői út 6.) | First session: 03 January 2023.

Beginning and Advanced Spine Yoga
(7 sessions) | Classes are held online in a closed facebook group | First session: 02 January 2023.


6 suitable passes: 9.000 HUF | 7 suitable passes: 10.500 HUF (one pass for one yoga class)

You can buy a pass online with credit card payment HERE.

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Class notes:

Spine yoga- Írisz Tölgyesi

Spinal yoga is an effective method to prevent and alleviate spinal problems. Regular practice makes the body pain-free, stronger and more flexible. It is recommended for regular yoga practitioners, beginners and newcomers who want to master yoga techniques with precision. The postures, breathing exercises and relaxation will 100% refresh your body and mind!

During the classes, we pay careful attention to the mobilization of the spine and the strengthening of the muscles adjacent to the spine, abdominal muscles and deep muscles. We also work on the prevention and correction of postural errors.

Women's yoga- Antónia Hauptman-Tőkés

The external environment is confusing constantly changing and challenging. In women's yoga classes we turn to our bodies with acceptance and patience. In the exercises we strengthen the pelvis, lower abdomen, hips and perineum, improving their circulation. We connect with our feminine health through postures, breathing exercises and meditation. The aim of the classes is to create mind-body-spirit harmony.

Fascia yoga - Írisz Tölgyesi

The fascial approach makes yoga sufficiently preventive for the modern man, while it develops in many ways. This form of practice helps to balance the body's structures, posture and strengthens muscles that are not used or not used enough. It is effective in increasing joint range of motion and flexibility. Flow classes are dynamic exercises that involve continuous movement. This engages the nervous system, engaging us in the exercise, giving the class a physical, mental and spiritual recharge.

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