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BEAC woman's yoga only waiting for you

2022. 06. 10.
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The BEAC women's yoga classes are also open in the summer months in the Bogdánfy Sport Hall.

The season runs from 28 June to 26 July, and women's yoga classes are available.


Budapest University Athletic Club- TT4 classroom (1117 Budapest, Bogdánfy utca 10/B)

Ticket price

5 suitable passes: 7.500 HUF.

You can buy the season ticket online with credit card payment HERE.

Women's yoga sessions: 2022.06.28., 07.05., 07.12.., 07.19., 07.26.

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Class notes:

Women's yoga- Antónia Hauptman- Tőkés

The external environment is confusing constantly changing and challenging. In women's yoga classes we turn to our bodies with acceptance and patience. In the exercises we strengthen the pelvis, lower abdomen, hips and perineum, improving their circulation. We connect with our feminine health through postures, breathing exercises and meditation. The aim of the classes is to create mind-body-spirit harmony.

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