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2023. 03. 21.
Eo 20230306 CSA 0876

Summer is coming, bikini season is coming! Get in shape for the summer with BEAC Aerobics! Buy your BEACh BODY pass and visit our training sessions from April 3rd to May 26th! The beach body with BEAC aerobics is REAL.

In April and May, we are preparing for you with special workouts, where the focus is on shaping the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Effective fat burning is aided by high-intensity and interval exercises. You also get healthy eating tips and practices from our coaches!

Come, move with us, have fun in your skin and be part of the BEAC Aerobics community, where you can get plenty of motivation and even make new friends. We help you to get in shape!

We are waiting for everyone! Our Aerobics trainings are held in six locations, with several types of hours and discounted rental prices.

BEACh Body passes:

You can choose from:

PEST pass: You can visit our trainings in Pest side

BUDA pass: You can visit our trainings on Buda side

BUDAPEST pass: You can visit our all trainings

BEACh Body pass prices (03.04.2023-26.05.2023)

  • ELTE PEST/BUDA pass: 11 000 HUF
  • Külsős PEST/BUDA pass: 12 500 HUF
  • ELTE BUDAPEST pass: 15 000 HUF
  • Külsős BUDAPEST pass: 16 500 HUF

BEACh Body online ticket:

On April 3 you can get 500 Ft discount from the ticket prices!

BEACh Body Aerobic pass: Buda/Pest

BEACh Body Aerobic pass: Budapest


You can visit our spring Aerobik timetable with BEACh Body pass, but with a discount price!

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