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BEAC Aerobik Autumn Season

2023. 02. 07.
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You can live in Buda or Pest, it doesn’t matter - you can meet us on both sides of the Danube, if you want to train with us!

The BEAC Aerobik team offers group classes in the city center and in Újbuda, in 7 different locations. Zumba, spine training, body shaping aerobics, pilates and many more classes to choose from. Our instructors are devoted, young and qualified, so good vibes and professionalism are guaranteed. All you need is your enthusiasm, together with your valid aerobics pass, and you can expect a warm welcome, a big smile and the best possible workout plans every weekday afternoon and evening from February. You can choose from 3 different types of passes, depending on where you live, where your classes are, and where you go in Budapest. Wherever you attend our classes, you won't find a better deal than the 4-month unlimited BEAC Aerobics pass! Don't wait, schedule your workouts now.


  • Strengthens deep and surface muscles
  • The community helps you with motivation
  • Shapes your whole body
  • Excellent fat burner
  • Improves coordination
  • Increases flexibility
  • Recommended for girls and boys
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The season starts at 13th of February.

Types of passes

You can choose from 3 types of pass:

  • PEST pass: This pass is available for training sessions at the PEST locations.
  • BUDA pass: you can use this pass to attend training sessions at locations in Buda.
  • BUDAPEST pass: all classes can be attended with this pass.

Spring pass prices (13.02.2023-26.05.2023.)

  • ELTE PEST/BUDA Pass*: 16 500 HUF
  • External PEST/BUDA Pass: 19 000 HUF
  • ELTE BUDAPEST Pass*: 22 500 HUF
  • External BUDAPEST Pass: 25 000 HUF

*If you are a student of ELTE, attended ELTE, or a resident of the 11th district, you can buy a BEAC Aerobics Pass at a discounted price.

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Website: www.beacaerobik.hu

Facebook: BEAC Aerobik – Mozogni Boldogság

Instagram: beacaerobik

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