Once you have registered:

  • If you register until 22th of November, you get an USF Budapest T-shirt with name of your university on it
  • you will be able to join any of the individual sports trainings during the University Sports Festival. You will be able to try various sports, for instance aerobics, yoga, airflow, functional training, pole-fitness, zumba, spinning, as well as various combat sports, chess and stability workout.

For the team events (volleyball, futsal, GRAND FINAL), please contact your coordinator:

Budapest Business School– József Tóth – [email protected]
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
– Ákos Fi – [email protected]
Éva Nagygyörgy – [email protected]
Corvinus University 
–  Janka Baintner – [email protected]
Eötvös Loránd University
 – Viktória Horváth – [email protected]
IBS – Dezső Fülep – [email protected]
Károli Gáspár University – Márton Körösvölgyi – [email protected]
Kodolányi János University – Annamária Bajusz – [email protected]
National University of Public Service – Blanka Mária Csite – [email protected]
Semmelweis University – Nikoletta Lilla Nagy – [email protected]
Szent István University – Bernadett Bacsa – [email protected]
University of Physical Education – Benjámin Tompai – [email protected]
University of Veterinary Medicine – Réka Ránky – [email protected]

Other university students please contact: [email protected]

Attention! Those students who applied for team sport can try all the individual sports as well, but participation in the team sports is only possible with a separate team application! Anyone can attend the GRAND FINAL (relay races) between the universities, in their own universities’ team. 

 The application fee is requested only once.

All the information about the event can be found here: https://www.beac.hu/hirek/elte/4th-university-sports-festival-budapest/