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We did not make the Play-Offs

Besides the first few moments, the last game of the regular season was led by TFSE-MTK.  Stakes were the Play-Offs.  Next to us, in Pasarét, Vasas beat BKG so we could have lost by anything less than 10 points.  In the 37thminute, at 65-61 it seemed liked we could have the eighth place but the end game of TFSE was better, and they turned the game around in the last two minutes.  The end score of 79-67 means that we did not make the Play-Offs and we will play in the lower half of the championship.  We play six games against Cegléd, PINKK and BKG next.

The details of today’s game by wbasket.hu are below:

The game started with the free throws of Beatrix Mérész and the double of Elly Pavel.  The high stakes were showing in the first minutes.  The teams were nervous.  At 6-6, after an Andrea Király triple, TFSE-MTK had the advantage as Panka Dúl went in.  After 11-6, after a triple by Berta Boros, BEAC came back to 13-12.  Then, Andrea Király and Panka Dúl lead TFSE to a 19-12 lead but the end of the quarter worked better for BEAC.  After 10 minutes, the Judit Balogh led team came back to 21-19.  TFSE shot 9 out of 15 and BEAC shot 5 out of 13 from the field.  At the beginning of the second quarter, Elly Pavel was efficient but the fours points of Berta Boros equalized the score for BEAC at 23.

The game was up and down after this as at 23 points apiece, TFSE got into the lead once again.  More specifically, they had a 7-1 run allowing the Bianka Magyar team to be in the lead, 30-24.  Coming up to the last two minutes of the half, Angéla Juhász helped BEAC close the gap.  After 30-27, then at 37-29 the home team got away again.  The half was closed by a Beatrix Mérész double who already scored 11 points by then, 37-31.  At the beginning of the third quarter, after a free throw by Dúl Panka, Beatrix Mérész and Julcsi Boros scored and brought BEAC closer opening up the game with a 38-35 score.  The third period saw many points.  Julcsi Boros and Chanise Jenkins scored nice triples.  The difference seemed to settle between 5 and 7 points.  BEAC had another run at 45-42 at closing the gap.  But Andrea Király made sure it did not happen.  At 48-42, the score froze for long minutes.  Even though some Ja’Tavia Tapley free throws allowed the home team to get away by 8, BEAC quickly answered.

It seemed like the 5-7 difference will stay between the teams.  After 54-49, the third period was closed by Alexandra Theodoreán’s buzzer beater triple which changed the score to 57-49.  This was a key moment psychologically.  TFSE had the momentum so with an Alma Németh triple, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the difference reached 10 points, 59-49.  Since at this time Vasas was leading BKG with a convincing difference, TFSE knew that they can only make the playoffs with a bigger then ten-point win.  The middle of the fourth period worked better for the guests who first came back to 59-56, then to 61-58 then with a Julcsi Boros triple, they closed the gap, 65-61.  Three minutes remained in the game, and it seem that the game changed again psychologically.  Then came Chanise Jenkins and Alma Németh then a triple by Panka Dúl with which TFSE lead for the first time in the game with 11 points, 72-61.  The difference worth the playoff were kept from this point on by the home team.  BEAC was struggling and they could not come below 10 points.  TFSE can start preparing for the playoffs.

TFSE-MTK–ELTE BEAC ÚJBUDA 79–67 (21–19, 16–12, 20–18, 22–18)

TFSE: Ch. Jenkins 10/6, Theodoreán 9/3, Burján, Németh A. 19, Pavel 8. Subs: Dúl P. 14/3, Király A. 12/12, Süle 1, Tapley 6. Edző: Magyar Bianka

BEAC: Koch, Czank 13/3, Boros J. 15/9, Mérész B. 19, Barnai 5. Subs: BOROS B. 12/3, Juhász A. 3, Katona B., Ivanova.

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