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Important step towards the top eight

The guest team lined up with three foreign players in their starting five opposite our full Hungarian lineup.  We promised ourselves that we will only be on the court with full concentration from the very first minute – after 2,5 minutes, the scoreboard showed 11-2 prompting Tibor Gedei, the coach of the guests to ask for a timeout.  Our centers were alive, Judie Barnai had six points by the 4th minute and after Timi Czank made some free throws, the score was 17-4.  Zsivaljevic sounded the horn on the other side, scoring five points (17-9).  Besides our centers playing well, our outside shots were falling in, four in the first quarter, so we closed the first period with a solid, double-digit lead (29-17).

We started the second period well, with a triple of Gergana Ivanova and some free throws from Judie Barnai, and we had twice as many points as the opponents (34-27).  We seemed to lose track from this point on and BKG seemed to feel this because they came back 8 points with a 1-10 run (35-27).  We needed the timeout to sort out the heads.  An Angi Juhász triple answered Vári’s free throw, and the free throws of Berta Boros restored the 10-point difference (40-30).  Moreover, the third triple of Timi Czank (seventh for our team!) and the free throws of Trixi Mérész resulted in a 15-point lead. The halftime score was set by a basket by Angyal (45-32).

Zivaljevic’s double was answered by Berta Boros’ two great triples at the beginning of the third quarter (51-34), but instead of keeping the lead, we got nervous.  We let the guests catch us again with a 0-9 run, closing the gap (51-43).  After our timeout, Trixi Mérész scored an important double but we we still kept making mistakes both on the front and in the back, and after an unsportsmanlike foul, we let the opponents come up to four points (53-49).  Angi Juhász put back a rebound then Timi Czank scored her fourth triple closing the period with a 58-49 score.

The last period started with many mistakes and rushed solutions in which there were no baskets on either side for 2,5 minutes.  After a timeout, the guests moved first and after 58-53, we really needed the points of Trixi Mérész.  Angyal scored again then due to Aldzabal sickness, the game stopped for some time.  Question was which team can finish stronger. We know now: the team that had an end game and a Julcsi Boros!  She scored a jumpshot, a layup, a triple and scored 11 points in the last four minutes of the game!  The end score was 74-65 and with this, we are a step closer to our goal, to finish in the top eight.  What other things we need depends on other results, but this was one of the most important steps on that road!

ELTE BEAC Újbuda – BKG PRIMA Akadémia 74-65 (29-17, 16-15, 13-17, 16-16)

ELTE-BEAC Újbuda: Czank 15/12, Koch 3/3, Boros J. 15/3, Mérész 14, Barnai 8. Subs: Ivanova 6/6, Bors B. 8/6, Juhász 5/3.

BKG-PRIMA Szigetszentmiklós: Zivaljevic 17/9, Campisano 4, Angyal 16/3, Aldazabal Berroa 9/3, Vári 7. Subs: Suppán 3/3, Raus 3/3, Benke 2, Kovács 2.

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