Hungarian Cup: we fought like wild cats with an incomplete lineup – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

Hungarian Cup: we fought like wild cats with an incomplete lineup

Our girls played Atomerőmű KSC Szekszárd in the third game of the Hungarian Cup’s quarterfinals.  In the first game of the day, the defending champion, Sopron Basket had a knockout win against TFSE (80-35) while in the second game, NKA Universitas PEAC beat the team of UNI Győr MÉLY-ÚT in an exciting game, 62-60.

Szerkszárd prepared for the game with a full lineup and a new American player, Kolby Morgan while Judie Barnai on our side could not travel to Miskolc but at least we had Trixi Mérész and Geri Ivanova in our lineup.

Bálint’s basket started the game then Dorci Koch equalized the score.  It was clear from the beginning that Szekszárd used its height advantage perfectly because from a score of 6-8, they quickly stepped away to over 10 points (6-16) with steals underneath the baskets and rebounds.  Bubu Balogh tried to break the momentum of the “guests” with a timeout and rotating her players.  Dorci Koch scored a difficult triple but it did not help us much in the long run.  Both head coaches used subs well; we had nine players getting playing time in the first ten minutes.  Szekszárd grew its advantage dynamically which was 16 points by the end of the first quarter (11-27).

The Szekszárd speed train kept going in the beginning of the second quarter: the Djokic-team started the second period with an 8-0 run.  Berta Boros scored our first points, but we could not stop Milic underneath the basket.  She had a major height and weight advantage over us so Szekrszárd quickly reached a 30-point lead (15-45).  On many occasions, we were missing roughness and courage with which we could have made this game less one-sided.

Julcsi Boros set the tone for the second half with a triple but Timi Czank showed excellent fighting spirit while she kept penetrating and scoring – by the end of the third quarter, she had 14 points next to her name along with 10 fouls she drew.  Unfortunately, we kept fouling the scoring players underneath the baskets, so we had no chance to come closer to Szekszárd.  It was commendable that we never gave up and it seems like we managed to lose our “cup jitters” after 20 minutes but this was only enough to keep the difference in in the third quarter which closed with 21 points apiece.  We started the last quarter with a 38-68 score.

The closing quarter started with Milic-Morgan-Czank Timi-Morgan-Milic note and from our few playing centers, Diána Dénes fouled out in the 34th minute.  Both teams started missing shots but the outside shots were falling a bit better and after a pair of those from Morgan and Friskovec, Bogi Katona scored a triple as well.  The last points of the game were scored in unusual circumstances: after a basket, Dorci Koch missed her free throw but no one from the Szekszárd team went for the rebound so Angi Juhász scored an easy layup.  The end score was 50-85 and Szekszárd perfectly took advantage of the fact that none of our centers could play today.  The girls were nervous at first but then fought hard so we can travel home from the Hungarian Cup with our heads held high.

ELTE BEAC ÚJBUDA – ATOMERŐMŰ KSC SZEKSZÁRD 50-85 (11-27, 6-20, 21-21, 12-17)

László Killik Hungarian Cup, quarterfinals

Miskolc, DVTK Arena

ELTE BEAC Újbuda: Koch 12/6, Czank 19/3, Boros B. 5, Boros J. 7/3, Juhász 2. Subs: Katona 3/3, Ivanova, Dénes 2, Zsámár.

Atomerőmű KSC Szekszárd: Miklós 2, Studer 2, Bálint 6, Krnjic 8, Goree 2. Subs: Morgan 10/6, Gereben 2, Mányoky 3, Friskovec 12/12, Horváth 2, Holcz, Milic 24/3.

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