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Timi Czank: we need to enjoy the cup!

We can step on the court without any stakes tomorrow and for the fun of it in Miskolc in the Hungarian Cup’s eighth finals, where our team captain, Timi Czank, is always happy to visit.  We talked to her this week about playing in the cup, this year’s team, and our tasks ahead

“The Hungarian Cup is always special during the season.  It is a good team building exercise and an opportunity to get the team together which is important before the close of the regular season.  We are leaving Thursday afternoon so we will have a chance to tune into the tournament” – explained Timi about the cup game.

It is no secret that she was happy about the location, that we can be participants this year.

“Obviously this is great for me that we can go to Miskolc, and I was hoping that they would hold this tournament here.  I played there for four years, and I view that city as my second home as I have many acquaintances and friends there who already texted me that they are looking forward to seeing me again.  Possibly, my most cherished experience is when we won the cup when I was playing for Diósgyőr in 2016.  The gym was packed, and we won with everyone cheering for us.  It was in the old gym, but I am sure that the home fans will create and equally nice atmosphere here.”

We drew one of the toughest teams in the championship, Atomerőmű KSC Szekszárd.  We played the Zseljko Djokics team twice already this year and even though we led at home for three quarters we ended up losing, and they ruled us in the away game.  We cannot expect to have an easy game.

We are playing on a neutral court this time which can mean some equal opportunities.

We have no stakes to carry on our shoulders, we can play freely, we have nothing to lose especially because we do not have a full team.

Szekszárd plays tough defense which is good preparation for us for our game next weekend against Vasas.”

There are three games remaining in the regular season and as opposed to the cup games those have very real stakes as together with Vasas and TF, our aim is also the final eight.  However, only two out of these three teams will make it to the Play-Offs.  We could discuss the games lost in the past, but we need to look ahead.  “This year we proved that we could win high stake games because we beat TF to be in the cup.  We need to concentrate on ourselves – it is not important who is on the other side, we need to concentrate on our own performance.”

As team captain, I asked her how much “work” it is keeping the team together and if this year’s team is more successful than last year’s.  “It is hard to say why chemistry works within a team, but it is a fact that it works in this team.  This year, we are very strong as a team.  Of source, there are players who need to score a lot, some who need to rebound a lot and some who need to play really good defense.  But everyone knows and can do her job which can result in wins like the ones we had against DVTK or Győr.

Behind every big win lies true team performance.”

Timi says she likes to work with these girls very much and looking from the outside in, it seems like she is flourishing again – enough to look back to the weekend to the game against Győr where she collected the most IBM points.

“My last season in Győr did not the work the way I had planned.  This year, I come to each practice with joy.  It is good to belong here.”

She is aiming to help her teammates to prepare for the last games of the regular season with all her experience and knowledge.  “We would like to place in the top eight teams, there is no questions about that.  But I told the girls that if we come off the court after each game that we gave our all and everyone gave 100% but we still lost then we can still be proud of ourselves.  And we know that we can learn from our mistakes.  But now I will tell you this: we are all still learning in school.

Let’s forget about studying, we would like to win on the court”!


The program of the Hungarian Cup:

  1. February 18. (Friday)


13:00 TFSE-MTK – Sopron Basket (ND1)

15:30 NKA Universitas PEAC – UNI Győr MÉLY-ÚT (ND2)

18:00 ELTE BEAC Újbuda – Atomerőmű KSC Szekszárd (ND3)

20:30 Ludovika-FCSM Csata – DVTK (ND4)

  1. February 19. (Saturday)


17:00 ND1 winner – ND2 winner (ED1) (TV: M4 Sport Online)

19:30 ND3 winner – ND4 winner (ED2) (TV: M4 Sport)

  1. February 20. (Sunday)

3rd place game

15:30 ED1 loser – ED2 loser


18:00 ED1 winner – ED2 winner (TV: M4 Sport)

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