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It did not work against Csata this time either

We were down by seven at halftime but at the end, it was eighteen – we failed in defense tonight in Ludovika

Csata started the game well and got away first to 4-0 then to 7-2. Not long after this, our centers, Beatrix Mérész and Judie Barnai took the lead back (9-10).  The number of fouls started to increase by the middle of the quarter, so the teams were alternating shooting free throws and scoring points and leading by 1-2 points.  A triple by Dorci Koch and a basket from inside by Beatrix Mérész allowed us to get away a little (18-25) but Gyöngyösi brought hers back with two triples setting the end of the quarter score of 24-25.

Julcsi Boros, Tímea Czank and Beatrix Mérész made sure we had a five-point lead at the beginning of the second quarter (26-31), but the new foreign player of Csata, Dean, and Lelik made sure that we could not get away (32-33). Lelik was the number one scorer for Csata during this period and by the middle of the second quarter she already had ten points under her belt allowing the home team to take the lead by five points (40-35).  Dorci Koch scored with a foul at a good time then a pair of baskets by Böröndy and Beatrix Mérész, Lili Zsámár evened the score (42-42).  The end of the quarter worked better for Csata after Gyöngyösi sank her third triple along with Zele and Horváth closing the half with a 7-point home lead which was the biggest yet (49-42).

The halftime score was not in our favor and not only because of the score: a ‘shooting contest’ against Csata is never easy and the 49 points we received showed that our defense was not up to par in the first 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, we know now that we could not tighten our game in the second half.  Even though the first basket of the second half was made by Gergana Ivanova, this was followed by three minutes where neither team scored, but Csata came out of it first.  Horváth scored with a foul, then Beatrix Mérész and Berta Boros scored form the free throw line (52-48) but Zele scored twice and another basket by Lelik meant that Csata was more than 10 points ahead already (59-48).  Bubu Balogh called for a timeout, but the Zele-Lelik-Horváth trio caught their rhythm, and we had no medicine for this.  By the end of the quarter, the Csata lead was significant, 16 points (73-57).

At the beginning of the last period, with the points of Gergana Ivanova and Tímea Czank we came back to 12 points (73-61, but this was our last ‘hurray’ in the game.  We could not defend the home team which showed as they reached hundred points.  On our side, Gergana Ivanova tried to keep us in the game, which was lead be Zele, but the lead was significant, and the end result was an 18-point loss.  Even though we managed to keep up in the first half, as opposed to the home game we played against them, unfortunately there is nothing to be happy about and we do need to get our defense in order next week for our game against Győr.

LUDOVIKA-FCSM CSATA–ELTE BEAC ÚJBUDA 96–78 (24–25, 25–17, 24–15, 23–21)

Csata: Horváth 11/6, Dean 19, Lelik 17/6, Gyöngyösi 16/12, Zele 25. Sub: Strausz, Böröndy V. 8, Angyal N.

BEAC: Ivanova 18/6, Boros B. 8, Boros J. 9/3, Mérész B. 14, Barnai 6. Sub: Koch 8/3, Czank 10, Zsámár 2, Joseph, Orosz Zs. 3/3.

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