We clinched our eighth win in a tough game – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

We clinched our eighth win in a tough game

We were missing an important link in the game against PINKK: our team captain, Tímea Czank was on the bench due to injury.

PINKK started the game with a 0-5 run but we did not get ‘scared’, and we answered with 9 points, so we had the lead in the 3rd minute of the game.  We showed some nice moves on offense which resulted in a PINKK timeout in the 6thminute at 15-8.  At this point, we should note that all starters for our side scored already.  We reached the double-digit difference after a basket by Gergana Ivanova (28-18) and this difference stayed after an alternating basket pair by Vincze and Julcsi Boros.  We messed up the end of the quarter however, by shooting too fast so Mujovic brought the difference to under ten points (23-15).

The first few minutes of the second quarter did not bring many points so in the 5th minute, at 28-18, Bubu Balogh took a timeout.  We really missed Tímea Czank on the floor in the point guard position and we made many mistakes especially in our finishing.  We could keep the difference in the back, but we could not increase it.  We stole the ball in the last offense with good defense which was converted to points by Beatrix Mérész after a transition.  The score was 40-28 was after 20 minutes of play.

The points of Gergana Ivanova started the second half then thanks to Beatrix Mérész and Julcsi Boros, we managed to increase the difference.  The guests asked for a timeout in the 24th minute.  The guest team could only score from free throws in this period while we managed to increase the difference to over 20 points after two baskets by Julcsi Boros and a nice play by Judie Barnai and Beatrix Mérész (56-35).  The end of the quarter score was 60-40.

Two PINKK triples by Zsilinszki and Szűcs opened the last period (60-46) and we lost our ‘shooting hand’ because we missed the biggest chances.  After 3.5 minutes, Bubu Balogh took a timeout. The break was good for us because Gergana Ivanova and Dorci Koch scored a triple each (66-46).  Beatrix Mérész answered Szűcs’ triple after 6 minutes with a close shot (68-49).  The guest started shooting from outside and it is unusual to see a team trying to only score from triples during a whole quarter – which almost worked.  Our lead started to shrink but the pink team did not really get close enough to us.  Gergana Ivanova who scored more than 20 points set the final score at 77-63.

As the saying goes, it is often most difficult to clinch the mandatory wins, but it is a fact that a win does not need explanations.  Especially if it is the eighth in the season!

ELTE-BEAC Újbuda – PINKK-Pécsi 424 77-63 (23-15, 17-13, 20-12, 17-23)

ELTE-BEAC Újbuda: Ivanova 22/3, Boros B. 5/3, Boros J. 19/6, Mérész 16, Barnai 4. Subs: Joseph 6/3, Koch 3/3, Katona, Orosz, Dénes, Zsámár, Juhász 2.

PINKK Pécsi 424: Mujovic 6, Szücs 8/6, Jáhni 5/3, Vincze 22/18, Davis 11/6. Subs: Tenyér 5, Borbás.

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