Szekszárd won as expected – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

Szekszárd won as expected

The home team decided the game in the first quarter

The game started with the points of Struder and the home team played very focused basketball from the first minute.  We kept up until the middle of the quarter, 11-9, but we kept turning the ball over against a tough defense that the host team converted to easy layups.  Our head coach, Bubu Balogh, called a timeout at 17-9 but the face of the game did not change.  Szekszárd was working very hard, and we could not get into that rhythm so in the second part of the first quarter, it was only Szekszárd that scored.  The first period ended with a 28-9 score.

The Szekszárd speed train did not slow in the second quarter and their 17-0 run took them to a 34-9 standing.  Dorci Koch and Sheq Jones broke our ‘silence’ (36-12), but we kept hitting fouls in the process – Gergana Ivanova hit 4 fouls by the middle of the second quarter.  Our head coach kept rotating the players and Angéla Juhász and Lili Zsámár got to spend quality minutes on the floor, the latter even scored a nice triple.  The half closed with a 20-point lead for the home team, and it was no surprise that Szekszárd were doing better in all the statistical categories too.

We started the second half with five quick points, but we got the same number of points scored on us.  Tímea Czank scored her second triple and after a layup by Beatrix Mérész, we came back to 15 points prompting a Szekszárd timeout (51-36).  The Zseljko Djokic team tightened the defense again and with a 9-point run, increased their lead to over 20 points (60-36).  This difference stayed for the remainder of the third quarter which ended with a 67-44 score.

The first three minutes of the closing period brought no baskets and only four points were next to Szekszárd on the score board.  With a basket and a foul by Gereben, the difference reached 30 points (76-45) and the endgame saw everyone seeing some playing time closing the game with a 24-point loss (85-61).  Realistically, the difference between the teams is asv expected and Szekszárd showed their power in the first quarter which they were able to keep throughout the whole game.  We have no reason to get exasperated as we are facing two difficult opponents at the beginning of January, but we need to learn form these games in order to do well in important games when the time comes.

ATOMERŐMŰ KSC SZEKSZÁRD – ELTE BEAC ÚJBUDA 85-61 (28-9, 18-17, 21-18, 18-17)

SZEKSZÁRD: Studer 18/12, Miklós 4, Gereben 20, Goree 10, Krnjics 2. Subs: Mányoky 14/3, Friskovec 9/3, Bálint 8, Horváth, Holcz.

BEAC: Ivanova 2, Czank 10/9, Boros J. 7/3, Mérész 4, Barnai 6. Subs: Boros B. 3, Joseph 9/3, Koch 8/6, Juhász 5, Zsámár 3/3, Orosz, Katona 4.

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