We lasted a halftime in Diósgyőr – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

We lasted a halftime in Diósgyőr

The home team, led by foreigners, led by only four points after twenty minutes, but they beat us in the second half

DVTK started the scoring with the points of Hayes then Jovanovic and Aho also hit the basket.  Fortunately, we scored as well so we did not let the home team get away by much.  We caught up with them at 11 and then at 13 apiece but then Hayes shone again scoring in double digits in the first quarter already so DVTK got away, 17-13.  Sheq Jones came into the game scoring form the field then Julcsi Boros took the lead back for us (17-18).  The end of the quarter belonged to DVTK and the scoreboard showed 23-21 after ten minutes of playing.

The second quarter also started with DVTK points but Beatrix Mérész had a good game day, so we managed to keep up.  In the middle of the quarter, DVTK had a serious run scoring over our zone twice form beyond the 6.25 line so at a 38-29 home lead, we took a timeout.  The small break came at a good time and based on Berta Boros’ moves and following Gergana Ivanova’s triple, we came back to two points (38-36).  We could not even the score and at the end, Green scored for a 42-38 standing at halftime.

The first few minutes did not work well – unfortunately, this stayed with us for the rest of the game.  The home team started with an 8-0 run creating a double-digit difference for the first time in the game and we know now that they kept this lead for the rest of the game.  We had many turnovers, and our defense was far from tough.  We did not do well defending the area underneath the basket and the foreign trio from Miskolc – Hayes, Green and Jovanovic – took advantage of this (interestingly the only people scoring more than ten points on the home team were foreigners).  The difference grew to 15 points and the third period ended with a 64-51 score.

The last period did not hold much excitement and great basketball.  In the middle of the quarter, only one free throw fell in and baskets were alternating after this, so the difference did not change significantly.  The end score was 81-66 and DVTK hit back for their loss in Budapest, and we could only give them a hard time in the first half.  It was a long series of games for the team, and it is nice to take a breather and take care of our heads because next Saturday we have a very important game to play against PINKK.

DVTK – ELTE BEAC ÚJBUDA 81-66 (23–21, 19–17, 22–13, 17–15)

DVTK: Kányási 9/3, Aho N. 8/6, Hayes 26, Jovanovics 15/6, Kiss A. 5. Subs: Green 12, Tóth F. 2, Bernáth 4. Edző: Völgyi Péter

BEAC: Czank 6/3, Boros J. 12, Mérész 23, Boros B. 8, Barnai 4. Subs: Ivanova 7/3, Koch 3/3, Joseph 3/3, Juhász A.

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