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The champion won easily

We needed nearly four minutes to score our first points against Sopron – at the same time, on the other side, Williams scored eight alone and when Határ scored a double, our head coach, Bubu Balogh, took her first timeout (2-10).  We came back to 7-13 after the timeout then due to the tough defense and steals, the home team got away, 7-24.  At the end of the quarters, with Julcsi Boros’ free throws and Dorci Koch’s triple, we came back to 12-24.

Sheq Jones scored a nice basket wiggling through the defenders decreasing our deficit to ten points. Unfortunately, our turnovers did not decrease (we had 12 by halftime) so Sopron got away by 15 points again when Bubu Balogh took another timeout.  Sheq Jones scored again then Tímea Czank gave a nice pass to Julcsi Boros and at 20-31, Dávid Gáspár asked for a timeout.  Sopron started using the height advantage of Határ so with a 3-17 run, the difference grew to 24 points by the end of the first half (23-48).

We started the second half with a zone defense and even though Alíz Varga scored over it the first time down the court, we did manage to steal a few balls.  This gave us enough confidence on offense so with a 10-0 run, we came back to within 20 points (33-50).  In an unusual lineup, we played with three centers (Beatrix Mérész, Judie Barnai, Angéla Juhász) but Sopron played tough defense and efficient offense so we could not get closer.  The guest team did another rhythm change and with the points of Határ, Brooks and Jovanovic, they were ahead by 26 points before the last quarter (42-68).

The face of the game did not change for the last period; Határ ruled the area underneath the basket so we could not come closer to the champions.  We did have nice moments, Dorci Koch scored nice triples, and Diána Dénes quickly scored six points coming into the game with two minutes to go – we do need to remember these from tonight.  Obviously, we need to analyze our mistakes and learn from them because we do have many important games ahead.

ELTE BEAC Újbuda – Sopron Basket 64-92 (12-24, 11-24, 19-20, 22-24)

ELTE-BEAC Újbuda: Czank 5/3, Boros J. 11/3, Ivanova 4, Mérész 11, Barnai. 6 Subs: Koch 13/9, Joseph 6, Dénes 6, Boros B. 2, Juhász, Orosz, Zsámár.

Sopron Basket: Fegyverneky 5, Jovanovic 11, Williams 10, Varga A. 14/6, Határ 28. Subs: Brooks 15/9, Sitku 5/3, Varga S. 4, Kókai.

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