2021, this completed you: knockout win against PEAC! – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

2021, this completed you: knockout win against PEAC!

How many? (One shy of) thirty!

Both sides had missing players on the last day of the calendar year: Berta Boros was out on our side due to illness while Chelsea Nelson sat out this game on the other side due to injury.

We started the game in an excellent rhythm and the scoreboard showed 7-0 after a minute and a half when Ferenc Csirke asked for his first timeout.  Tímea Czank increased out lead to 9-0 and the first Pécs points came from Marshall after 3 minutes.  In the 5th minute, at 11-4, Gergana Ivanona left the game after her leg got stuck in bad position.  Fortunately, it did not seem serious.  Our offense was working great which allowed us the 17-4 lead.  Marshall woke the team again and with her 4 points and by a triple by Selcova, Pécs came back to 17-11.  Julcsi Boros collected an offensive rebound and put it right back then Judit Barnai scored over her defender with 1.2 seconds to go, to create the score of 21-13 for the first quarter.

A jump shot by Dudasová opened the second period, but we quickly took the lead: Judit Barnai continued to score perfectly and Bogi Katona scored a nice triple from the corner and Dorci Koch made a mid-range shot so our lead was in the double digits again at 28-15.  The national team center for Pécs, Kiss, scored her first points in the middle of the second quarter but Shaq Jones came into the game well and scored 8 points in 4 minutes which gave us a great momentum.  The last basket, a triple, in the quarter was made by Gergana Ivanova which meant that we led at halftime by 16 points (41-25)!

The difference between the two teams were demonstrated by the stats well: beside leading in shooting percentage, we led in rebounding, 27-11, which was a significant difference.

A triple closed the first period, and a triple opened the second and this time Dorci Koch was successful.  On the other side, the Marshall-Kiss duo was scoring but thankfully our teamwork was dominating!  The girls worked well both in the front and in the back so in the 25th minute, after a double and a foul called on Sheq Jones, we had a 20-point lead (51-31)!  Everyone who came into the game contributed while the Pécs girls were getting tired with us dominating them as time went on!  At the end of the quarter, Beatrix Mérész stole a ball, and we closed the quarter with a 24-point lead (59-35)!

The first two minutes of the last quarter did not bring any points and we missed some shots too, – and while the passing of the time favored us, Bubu Balogh had enough and called a timeout.  We were killing the time well and whenever needed, we managed to score!  How we can win against a tired PEAC is part of the game. How we can beat the third-place team by close to 30 points – that is something that we could have never imagined in our wildest dreams.  BEAC historians already reported that since the 2015-16 season, we played 14 games against Pécs and after 13 losses, this is our first win!

We have lived through so many wonders this year that we are starting to believe that nothing is impossible!  2021, you brought an unbelievable fall – it is hard for us to let you go, but we hope that 2022 will be equally successful for us!

ELTE BEAC ÚJBUDA – NKA UNIVERSITAS PEAC 74–45 (21–13, 20–12, 18–10, 15–10)

BEAC: Ivanova 11/9, Czank 7/3, Boros J. 6, Mérész. 11, Barnai 12. Subs: Koch 7/3, Katona B. 3/3, Joseph 13/6, Zsámár 2, Juhász A. 2, Orosz Zs.

PEAC: Szűcs R., Dudasová 7/3, Wentzel 6/3, Marshall 14, Kiss V. 11. Subs: Selcova 5/3, Brajkovics 2

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