Nice present for under the tree: an important win against Cegléd! – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

Nice present for under the tree: an important win against Cegléd!

Our girls won against Cegléd by 13 points leading the whole game in Albertirsa so we managed to beat Cegléd on the floor tonight

We had two players missing tonight: Dorci Koch suffered a concussion against TFSE and Zsófia Orosz was sitting this game out too.  The starting five was all-Hungarian again and this time both Boros girls were on the court at tipoff.  We started the game well; a triple by Tímea Czank and points made by Beatrix Mérész helped us to take control.  Our point guard was on point today scoring 10 points without mistakes in the first quarter.  Szirony for Cegléd scored first but by the middle of the quarterc, with 4 for 4 triple shooting, we had an over ten-point lead.  Moreover, by the end of the first quarter, after some free throws by Shequila Joseph, we reached the 15-point difference ending the first period with a 12-25 score.

Beatrix Mérész scored the first points of the second quarter after grabbing a rebound then at 12-27, the scoring stopped for a long time.  Both sides had turnovers and missed shots and the standstill was broken by a timeout by Bubu Balogh.  This break helped Cegléd more as Rakita seemed to find herself and with a 9-0 run, the home team came back to six points (21-27).  Judie Barnai picked up the team and scored first from free throws then from a layup increasing our lead to 9 points (21-30).  We did not like the second triple Rakita scored on us, but Judie Barnai scored again at the ed of the quarter and even though Cegléd won the second quarter, we had an eight-point lead at half time (24-32).

Two nice triples – by Beatrix Mérész and Berta Boros – opened the second half so at 26-40, the home team seemed to be a safe distance away from us again.  Our concentration slackened and the number of our turnovers increased which Cegléd used perfectly.  Holisenka woke up and scored 8 points with led to an 11-0 run allowing the blue-yellow team to close the gap to three points (37-40).  We needed another timeout and after a basket by Gergana Ivanova and free throws by Beatrix Mérész, we managed to get away again (37-44).  Katona, Judie Barnai and Baugh alternated baskets that ended with a 5-point lead for us (41-46).  This was the perfect time to pull a second triple out of the hat for Tímea Czank, so we closed the period with a 41-49 score.

Much to our happiness, this was opened by a Beatrix Mérész show!  Tripe, double and from the 7th(!) assist by Berta Boros, another double was written next to her name and when Tímea Czank stole the ball and drove to the basket, we completed a 9-0 run for our 41-58 lead!  After a Cegléd timeout, Judie Barnai scored her 10th point (41-60), which meant that after a 37-40 score we managed to shell out a 4-20 run.  The game seemed to be decided and the increasing number of faults didn’t turn into points for Cegléd.  They came back from 19 to 13 points at the end, but during the 40 minutes of the game, we had the lead, so our win was never in question!  Even though there were many mistakes in the game, we had our hearts in the right place and this marked our 6th win in the last 12 games which is a commendable performance!

VBW CEKK Cegléd – ELTE BEAC Újbuda 51-64 (12-25, 12-7, 17-17, 10-15)

VBW CEKK Cegléd: Katona 2, Baugh 6, Holesinska 14/6, Rakita 8/6, Szabó Fl . Sub: Szabó P. 2, Szabó D. 9/3, Kobolák 3, Szabó Fa. -, Szirony 5/3 , Laufer -.

ELTE BEAC Újbuda: Czank 15/9, Boros B. 6/6, Boros J. 2, Mérész 23/6, Barnai 12. Sub: Joseph 1, Katona -, Ivanova 2, Dénes -, Zsámár 3/3, Juhász -.

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