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We got birches from St. Nicholas

The awakening of the last quarter was not enough, from an 18-point deficit we could not beat the newcomer

Even though we scored the first points of the game, the home team, led by Campisano, took the lead 87-2).  We chased after the home team, then thanks to Gergana Ivanova and Beatrix Mérész, we took the lead (9-10), but this did not last very long unfortunately.  At 13 points apiece, the home team got away to 20-13 but we came back and closed the quarter with a score of 20-17.

After a basket by Berta Boros, the three points remained for a while but the unstoppable Campisano led her team to get away by 10 (29-19).  Judit Balogh called a timeout but we could not stop the home team and our deficit kept growing with the baskets of David and Aldzabal (35-19).  Some basket free minutes followed but even though we defended our own basket well, we could not score on offense, so we only came back to 35-23.  At the end of the quarter, baskets were alternating but this period worked better for the home team, so we were down by 15 points after 20 minutes of playing (41-26).

At the start of the second half, we managed to decrease our deficit with a basket and one by Tímea Czank and a nice play by Beatrix Mérész and Judie Barnai (41-31), but our efforts were broken down by the increasing number of our fouls.  BKG woke up and with a 7-0 run, they increased their lead to 17 points (48-31).  We did not shoot well and the blue-yellow team with Campisano’s lead kept their lead at 20 points.  Before the last period, the 18-point deficit did not have much promise for the endgame (62-44).

We tried the impossible in the last quarter for which a good basis was the first 3 minutes and a 0-8 run in it.  Sheq Joseph scored a triple at 64-55 which reduced our deficit to a single digit, but our time was running out fast.  3 minutes before the end, at 66-57, the nine points remained, and we managed to inch closer with Gergana Ivanova’s free throws.  Beatrix Mérész got fouled while shooting but missed the free throws but with a triple by Julcsi Boros we came back to 3 points in the last minute (67-64).  We hit a foul on Zivaljevic while she put up a shot and she made both the shot and the free throw (70-64).  The last basket by Julcsi Boros was good to come closer but was not enough to win the game (70-66).  Even though we won the last quarter by 14 points, our deficits was too big to turn the game around.

Hard to say anything after a game like this; if the loss to Vasas was painful, then today’s loss is even more so.  Two fantastic wins were claimed by us this season so far but some reason we cannot beat the teams behind us in the championship standing.  If this will not happen, it will be very difficult to stay in the top eight teams…

BKG-PRIMA Szigetszentmiklós–ELTE BEAC Újbuda 70–66 (20–17, 21–9, 21–18, 8–22)

Szigetszentmiklós: Angyal B. 9, Zsivaljevics 9, DAVIS 10, ALDAZABAL 7, CAMPISANO 23/9. Subs: Kovács V., VÁRI 9/3, Raus 3/3.

BEAC: IVANOVA 14/3, CZANK 9, Boros J. 8/6, MÉRÉSZ B. 12, Barnai 8. Subs: Boros B. 6, Joseph 5/3, Koch 3/3, Juhász A., Orosz Zs. 1.

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