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Nothing worked tonight

We started the game quickly; Gergana Ivanova score a triple and Beatrix Mérész scored a double and we could have increased our lead even more if we could have managed to convert our steals to points.  It did not work however, and this gave Vasas momentum who turned the game with a 0-7 run.  We had to wait nearly 3,5 minutes for our next points then with a triple by Berta Boros, we took the lead back (10-7).  The stakes were high for both teams and it showed; there were many mistakes, and we missed the easiest opportunities near the basket.  The teams were going head-to-head, and the end of the quarter saw a free throw derby (both teams were equally missing the shots), then Vasas were in the lead at the end with a shot by Tóth at the buzzer (17-19).

The second quarter did not start with a basket shower either; for 3 minutes, the scoreboard showed only one basket by Tóth (17-20).  After nearly four minutes, Tímea Czank woke us up followed by a Vasas timeout.  They quickly surprised us with 6 points (21-27), but the girls kept it up and with 7 points, took the lead back (28-27).  After another guest timeout, a triple by Smailbegovic gave Vasas the advantage (28-30) then Beatrix Mérész evened the score.  Tóth hit a technical foul and Beatrix Mérész added another two points to the tally (32-30).  At the end of the quarter, Gergana Ivanova made a nice jump shot so after a very tough and competitive and relatively low-scoring first half, the teams went for a break with a 34-30 score.

Papp, then her again scored and Vasas took the lead back.  Nothing fell in from underneath the basket, so we started shooting from afar.  Gergana Ivanova, then Julcsi Boros made a shot but Vasas made some free throws so the score remained even (40-40).  After the points of Salamon and Pusztai, Vasas got away by 4 and since this seemed like a big difference in this game, Judit Balogh asked for a timeout.  With a Smailbegovic triple, the guest team was leading by seven when Gergana Ivanova and Julcsi Boros made a wakeup call.  Gergana Ivanova scored four points then Julcsi Boros also added four to the tally so the quarter ended with a one-point advantage for us (48-47).

Beatrix Mérész scored the first points of the last quarter but then scoring ended for us again.  With the leadership of Papp, Vasas got momentum again.  4 minutes before the end, the scoreboard showed 50-54 and it felt like nothing was working for us.  After a double by Eszter Madár, the game seemed to be slipping away (50-56) and even though a triple by Gergana Ivanova gave us some hope (53-56), Vasas secured their win with a double and then a triple with 1:10 minutes before the end (53-61).  The end score was 56-61 in a game in which you could feel that the girls wanted the win very much, but nothing worked.  But life is like that, a big win last week and a painful loss today.  But we must go on, we have important goals ahead and we have many things to accomplish still!

ELTE BEAC Újbuda – Vasas Akadémia 56-62 (17-18, 17-12, 14-17, 8-15)

ELTE-BEAC Újbuda: Ivanova 17/12, Czank 8/6, Boros J. 11/3, Mérész 10, Barnai 1. Csere: Joseph -, Koch 1, Boros B. 5/3, Juhász 3/3.

Vasas Akadémia: Bach 9, Papp 15/12, Heljic 2, Pusztai 8, Madár E. 4. Csere: Budácsik 2, Smailbegovic 14/12, Dúl -, Salamon 2, Tóth 6, Madár K. -.


Judit Balogh: In this game only one team can win, there is no draw.  In its dynamics, it was a European-level game, but it is a different story that not Euro league players played it.  Like in Highlander, there is only one that can remain at the end and it was not us today, but we will be again as we have been winners many times previously.  We could not turn our balance positive after nine games but at least we can set goals for ourselves this way.  We did well so there is nothing to haul the girls up for and we love them even if they lose.

Milos Pavlovics: We did everything on defense but on offense we wanted to win the game in the first ten minutes.  We won the game with our defense, we could defend BEAC’s key players, we collected 10 more rebounds than them which is a big accomplishment from a team this young.  It was a team success today and we can be proud of that.  Now that we won, it cannot be used as an excuse that Dia is still struggling with her ankle, Dorka with her knee and Sara just got back from an injury.  The girls did everything they could on the floor today; we had ups and downs and at the end, when we stand up and leave, we still will be the winners.

Tímea Czank: We did not shoot well but we did everything we could to win but we lost today.  Not a tragedy, we have games ahead of us that we can win.  We put our hearts and souls on the court, but it was only good for this.  We need to concentrate on the upcoming games.

Dia Papp: BEAC prepared for the game well and they held us at the beginning of the game, but I am happy that by the second half we could manage this pressure and control the game.  BEAC took the lead a few times but we won at the end.  Congrats to my team and to BEAC because they are showing a good form this season.

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