Individual training on the way of further development – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

Individual training on the way of further development

Lead by Nusi Vajda, every week, our youth players work in Tüske Hall in the form of individual training.  We peeked in on Monday afternoon and we talked to Nusi about the ongoing work.

Five players and four coaches – an unusual setup in a basketball practice.  Except on Mondays when our players work in individual practices lead by Nusi and the Academy coaches.

“We tested the players at the beginning of the year, and we looked at the areas we need to concentrate on in order to help their development.  We continuously align with the coaches regarding the drills we do because in team practices and games they are the ones that see the mistakes that we can effectively correct during these sessions.”

The coordinated work we do is important because this is where they practice and deepen the knowledge that they are not able to in other sessions.  Individual work is key because areas to improve differ from player to player. “Sometimes there are some commonalities among players, but we have situations where for example, one move locks in wrong and this needs to be corrected.  During these sessions, we mainly work on shooting, improving ball security and passing.  We emphasize the reduction of reaction time and making good decisions.  Since the goal of these sessions are individual improvements, we only have a limited number of players in order to have ample time and attention for everyone.  Our goal is to improve these girls through these sessions.”


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