We are in a hole again – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

We are in a hole again

Csata took control of the game very fast and at the end of the second minute, they scored two triples and the scoreboard showed 2-10.  Our centers, Judie Barnai and Beatrix Mérész, were trying to ‘enter’ the game but this time we did not start the game aggressively enough, especially on defense, so the 10-point difference settled in very fast.  We came back to five but Csata answered immediately and since the Tursics-girls shot well from the outside, they were ahead by 12 at the end of the first quarter (18-30).

With a triple by Lelik, Csata lead by 15 at the start of the second quarter.  Judit Balogh tried a few lineups to find the right team on the floor but our defense did not want to work resulting in a very poor shooting percentage.  The 15-point difference settled in and then grew to 20 points by halftime (30-50).  The stats reflected the game on the court as Csata were ahead in all the categories.

The second half of the game was about seeing if we could come closer or not.  We fought but Csata used those two weapons that we re expecting: great one-on-one plays and shooting well from the outside.  On the other hand, we had trouble with out shots which was starting to undermine our confidence.  We could not change the game in the third quarter, so the guests were looking forward to the last period with a comfortable 19-point lead (50-69).

The last quarter started with some nice action from Shequila Joseph, but we could not do a whole lot more in this game.  Csata kept control of the game and showed an excellent form while for us, practically nothing was working.  This was not a tragedy, but we definitely expected more from this game – in the next three weeks, due to a national team break, we can get ourselves organized again.

ELTE BEAC Újbuda – Ludovika-FCSM Csata 61-86 (18-30, 12-20, 20-19, 11-17)

BEAC: Ivonava, Czank 10, Boros J 7/3, Mérész 18, Barnai 15.  S: Boros B, Koch 2, Orosz 3/3, Katona, Joseph 6/3.

Csata: Horváth 22/12, Lelik 17/9, Toman 2, Carey 10, Hegedűs 12/3. S: Balogh, Simon 10/6, Angyal, Gyöngyösi 8, Böröndy 5.

Judit Balogh: If we go to the stores to get meat, potatoes, vegetables we need to make an effort for these to become a meal, it won’t cook itself.  More less this is what happened to us.  Recalling a saying from Kati Török; a person who scribbles during the week cannot write nicely on the weekend either.  We failed today in penmanship, but holes are made to get out of.  We were in a hole before and we got out, this is another hole, another task.  Maybe life has more holes than a straight road, but we are big hole climbers, and we promise that we will get out of this one too.

Tímea Czank: We did not find our rhythm today; our defense did not work at all and Csata took advantage of that very well.  They scored nine three-pointers in the first half, so we just chased this advantage.  We are in a hole now and we need to be out of it by the end of the break.

Krisztián Tursics: We prepared for BEAC as they showed a good form in their previous games.  The most important for us was to be mentally strong and we dominated the game from the first minute the way we wanted.  I am especially happy that our offense worked well.  This is demonstrated by the twenty assists we dished out.  Our defense was good too and we managed to take further the aggressive defense that we played against the Russians during the week.  We managed to complete both tasks which resulted in our relatively easy win.

Bernadett Horváth: BEAC played aggressive defense for forty minutes but we managed to control the game the whole time.  We shot well and played a good game.

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