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We worked hard for the next win

The girls started nervously missing many shots and making many mistakes which were signaled by the ever-increasing number of fouls.  PINKK, fighting for their first win, calmed down first while we could not find our rhythm neither in the front nor in the back.  The home team started to get away while Judie Barnai then Beatrix Mérész kept us in the game.  Our eight turnovers in the first quarter were not very promising – PINKK was in the lead with a last second shot by Tenyér at the end of the first quarter, 23-16.

Half a minute later, with a triple by Szűcs, the home team was ahead by 10 (26-16).  In the 13th minute, the difference grew to 12 points (30-18).  The baskets by Shequila Joseph brought us back within ten (30-22) but until the middle of the quarter all our attempts to close the gap were answered by the opponents (34-26).  A triple by Gergana Ivanova was the turning point, we managed to collect some steals in the back and then Julcsi Boros and Tímea Czank scored followed by a triple by Zsófi Boros, and we were in the lead (45-35) following a 9-0 run.  We managed to get away with the baskets of Judie Barnai and Tímea Czank, 34-39, finishing a 13-0 run.  A triple by Vincze did not feel too good but Shequila Joseph collected a rebound and a foul at the time of the buzzer and with her two successful free throws, the scoreboard showed 37-41 at halftime.

Even though the second half started with a basket by Tenyér, the first two minutes belonged to us: no wonder the whole town was echoing the voice of the PINKK coach (39-48).  We kept stealing the ball in the back and missed only a few layups in the front.  We stabilized the two-digit difference which grew to 17 points by the 26th minute (39-56) after a 0-15 run we managed to do between the quarter’s first and sixth minute.  PINKK scored quick six points to come back to the game but Gergana Ivanova made sure that our lead remained significant before the last period (45-58).

Davis and Beatrix Mérész, who was playing very well, opened the last period then the points of Shequila Joseph restored the 17-point difference (49-66).  Zsófia Orosz had some nice baskets and assists but our stability under the basket really paid off (we won the rebounding derby 44 to 28).  At the end, everyone got a chance to play and PINKK came back to the within 10 points thanks to the baskets of Révész and Tenyér (68-77). Our performance in the middle of the game however – somewhere between the 16th and 28th minute where we won 15 to 40 – secured our win.  This was a less spectacular game than the one against Miskolc, but it is OK not to burn at the same temperature a week after a game like that.  Much more important is that our heart, our will to win and our game were at the right place today and after the 6th round in the championship, we have 3 wins and 3 losses, and this is the most important at the moment.

PINKK Pécsi 424 – ELTE BEAC Újbuda 68-77 (23-16, 14-25, 8-17, 23-19)

PINKK: Szűcs 5/3, Révész 9/3, Tenyér 20, Jáhni 8, Smith 10. S: Vincze 12/6, Horváth 2, Zsilinszky 2.

BEAC: Ivanova 7/3, Czank 8/3, Boros J 4, Mérész 22, Barnai 13. S: Boros B, Koch 1, Joseph 12, Orosz 7/3, Katona 3/3, Zsámár, Dénes.

Vanja Miljkovic: Congratulations to BEAC.  Our plan was to start the game better than last week.  We started well; I don’t recall when was the last time we did so well in the first quarter.  In the third quarter, there were major gaps in defense and on offense, and we lacked energy.  BEAC played better defense after the break and we need to be able to answer a more aggressive game.  I am not unsatisfied because at the end, we were able to show our character and we did not give up until the last second which is something I expect from the girls.  We need to play even better next week against Vasas, we will try to give it all for the win.

Judit Balogh: Love and hate are divided by a hairline.  I would say that happiness and disappointment is also divided by a piece of hair.  We won three games out of six and in other seasons, this was the number of wins in the whole regular season, and we are happy about this, but this happiness is not so cloudless today as the sky is.

Beatrix Mérész: We are very happy about the win, but we could not do what we practiced and planned to do.  We need to play closer attention in practice to be able to elevate our game.

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