Because the impossible simply does not exist: WE BEAT DVTK!!! – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

Because the impossible simply does not exist: WE BEAT DVTK!!!

This was the first time this season that we had our full lineup as next to Shequila Joseph who debuted last week, we also had Judit Barnai returning for the first time in NBI since she returned to us and since she suffered an ankle injury at the Sió Cup this summer.

There was no sign of the timidness tonight that we saw last week in Sopron.  We started the game hard and even though Jovanovic scored the first points, with nice basketball and a triple by Julcsi Boros we were in the lead by 11-4 after 3,5 minutes of play, prompting Attila Földi for a timeout.  The girls did not stop; after a triple by Gergana Ivanova, the scoreboard showed 16-4! Medgyessy and Kiss scored 5 quick points for Diósgyőr (16-9), but a second triple by Gergana Ivanova restored the ten-point difference (19-9).  We kept this advantage with good basketball and the scoreboard showed 26-17 after the first quarter.

The second half started with a basket from a rebound by Berta Boros (28-17), but the scoring froze for a long time.  A call against Medgyessy prompted Attila Földi to lose it and run to half court to complain – the awarded free throws from the technical foul were made by Tímea Czank, then she added a double the next time down.  When Shequila Joseph made a jump shot, at 33-17, DVTK asked for a timeout in their pointless quarter.  In the 16th minute, Green scored the first point for the Miskolc team but after a nice basket by Judie Barnai, we were close to a 20-point lead (39-20)!!!  Unfortunately, the end of the quarter worked better for DVTK as a triple by Aho fell in, but we kept the 12-point lead at halftime (43-31).

The second half started with the points of Kányási but with the free throws of Judie Barnai, we kept our distance.  Our returning center played very well today scoring six points in the middle of the quarter, making the fans jump up from their seats.  She already had a double-double by this time with her excellent rebounding and we were in the lead by 15 points (54-39)!  DVTK kept in the game but we always had an answer:  Tímea Czank answered an Aho triple and even though DVTK decreased our lead, we kept a 10-point lead before the last period (59-49).

This season, we were in the lead before the last quarter a few times already and the question now was if we will be able to convert this good game to a win or not.  We started scoring with a basket by Beatrix Mérész then DVTK shone; Kiss and Jovanovic both scored, closing the gap to 7 points prompting Judit Balogh for a timeout at 61-54.  Julcsi Boros took the lead and showed us why she is considered one of the most promising players in Hungarian basketball.  Her hands did not shake and at 66-56, the double-digit difference was restored.  There was much time on the clock still so we kept the ball as long as we could, passing over the DVTK full court press.  We could not convert some action to points and on the other side, Jovanovics and Medgyessy scored each, inching closer to us by the minute (69-66).  In the effort of coming back, DVTK kept collecting fouls but the hands of Dorci Koch never shook at the free throw line (71-66), then Julcsi Boros scored very important points for us modifying the score to 73-66!  With 1:14 minute to go, DVTK took a timeout and Kányási scored a quick triple (73-69) but in the end game, Julcsi Boros and Beatrix Mérész made three free throws.  DVTK kept chasing us but they never caught up – we WON the game with a 79-73 score!!

This win was in the works already and the girls proved that they are a TEAM and they managed to collect an unusual scalp!  No wonder that the fans clapped in unison standing up and creating a great atmosphere and the girls kept hugging each other and the staff celebrating this win with laughter and tears.

Whoever was here tonight will remember this experience for a long time and hopefully the girls will not stop now, and can produce the same teamwork against PINKK next week.

ELTE BEAC ÚJBUDA – DVTK 79-73 (26-17, 17-14, 16-18, 20-24)

ELTE-BEAC Újbuda: Ivanova 10/6, Czank 10/3, Boros J. 18/6, Mérész 7, Barnai 18. Subs: Joseph 8/3, Koch 2, Orosz, Boros B. 6.

DVTK: Green 14, Kányási 11/3, Medgyessy 8/6, Kiss 15, Jovanovic 10/3. Subs: Bogicevic 2, Aho 7/6, Tóth 6, Bernáth.

Judit Balogh: I have been waiting for a win like this for 16 years.  I am a patient person, but I hope that I don’t have to wait another 16 years for the next win.  I trust that if things are in motion it will be hard to stop them.  I told a French coach a few years ago that the impossible does not exist.  I did not think it through then, but I am faced with it today, that yes, it does exist.  I hope that there is no stopping from here on forward and I am hoping that the girls think the same!

Attila Földi: First, congratulation to BEAC, it was a well-deserved win.  The reason for our loss is undoubtedly the start of the game for us.  Despite us having talked about the importance of starting a game aggressively since the European Cup games.  I need to think about why I failed to convey this message to the team for them to take it seriously.  We played well in the second half, even though we rushed things due to being behind, but it is only natural.  I need to think about the reason the team does not listen to me effectively.

Judit Barnai: Returning after an injury was dreamlike; the fact that I could help the team this way and this was crowned by a beautiful win is unbelievable.  We fought hard in the game and it was a good game.  Thank you to our fans who came out to cheer us on, it really helped us on the court.  I hope we continue this road!

Angelika Kiss: Difficult to say anything after a game like this.  The first half sealed out fate and even though we came back from our disadvantage, we could not implement what coach asked us to do.  Since the first half, we just chased the other team.  I would like to congratulation BEAC, we played a tough and strong game.  We will rest now, think about our mistakes and we need to stand up as soon as possible.

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