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We started the PlayOut with a win!

We beat PINKK-Pécsi 424 in a tough game at the opening of the Play Out.

PINKK arrived in Budapest with only one of their foreign players, the point guard Vorpahl, to play the first Play Out game.  On our side, Tímea Czank was warming up but like in the Cegléd game, Dóra Szabó started as a point guard.

We started the game well and the points of Beatrix Mérész were answered by Vári but after that, in 3.5 minutes we managed to build up a 10-point advantage (12-2).  Despite this, our head coach Bubu Balogh was continuously missing speed from our game – and rightly so, it seemed that we are not running at full speed.  Despite this, we managed to keep our advantage until 16-6 then Jáhni’s 5 points halved this advantage.  Dóra Szabó and Julcsi Boros helped us get back into the double-digit leadbut we could not stop Jáhni so the guests came back to 3 points (21-18). The head coach of PINKK got a technical foul for complaining and Tímea Czank’s hand did not shake at the free throw line and she made the shots (24-18).  The quarter ended with Vorpahl’s basket (24-20).

The second period was opened by a triple by Tímea Czank but with the points of Jáhni and Vári, PINKK came to 3 points within us (27-24).  We continued to struggle on offense, we lacked speed and momentum and we gave PINKK the chance to stay in the game.  With Vári’s triple and the 4 points of Demeter they caught up with us (33-33).  It was a good time for triples by Janae Smith and Beatrix Mérész but Vorpahl stood on the free throw line twice and she made all the free throws, so our advantage shrunk to one point by halftime (38-37).

The second half started with the points of Beatrix Mérész but PINK stated the half better.  We could not contain Vorpahl and PINKK took the lead first at 40-42 which gave them confidence.  At 44-51, Bubu Balogh asked for a timeout.  Our shots were coming off the rim even though our defense seemed to become more stable which is shown by the fact that from this point on, we only received 1 point in the remainder of this quarter.  The five points of Angéla Juhász were much needed as much as the nice play from Dorci Koch and Beatrix Mérész so we managed to claw our way back to one point before the last quarter (51-52).

We took the lead back with a triple by Dóra Szabó at the beginning of the last quarter (54-52), then Angéla Juhász received a very questionable foul.  There were many fouls called in the gym today, mainly against PINKK so we quickly receivedour bonus status.  Tímea Czank and Angéla Juhász kept collecting points form the free throw line, and Beatrix Mérész played very tough underneath the basket, fighting for every ball.  We played the last quarter with a full Hungarian lineup and the Mérész-Juhász duo worked very well in the paint.  Our fighting spirit showed in the numbers; we continuously broke the resistance of the guests, and we won a fighting and tough game clenching our sixth win in the season.

After the game, two people were recognized: on the sidelines, our team doctor, Dobos, who retired yesterday and in the locker room, Angéla Juhász who celebrated her 20th birthday.

ELTE BEAC Újbuda – PINKK-Pécsi 424 70-63 (24-20, 14-17, 13-15, 19-11)

BEAC: Szabó 8/6, Koch, Boros 7/3, Mérész 23, Smith 6/3. S: Czank 12/3, Galántai, Juhász 12, Dusanic 2, Zsámár.

PINKK: Vorpahl 19/9, Vári 13/3, Szűcs 5/3, Demeter 6, Kovács 2. S: Jáhni 13/3, Zsilinszky 2, Tenyér 3, Horváth.

Judit Balogh: It does not happen often, that we are the favorites of a game so we could not handle the situation well.  It bothered us that PINKK arrived without their two foreign players and it was clear to me that these usually help the underdog which is what happened tonight.  The Hungarian players of PINKK played well but it was the same for us as well.  We won because PINKK got tired at the end and we had a deeper rotation.

Vanja Miljkovic: We have many problems, illness, and injuriesbut unfortunately this season is like this and not only for us.  One of our players called half an hour before departure time and said that she was not feeling well.  We started working with this young team at the beginning of the season and I feel that we did good work, we won games and created opportunities for a win multiple time.  I am proud of my team because they played hard and congratulations to BEAC for winning and good luck to them in the future.

Angéla Juhász: We made many mistakes in the game which we tried to correct by playing as a team and therefore we won.  I could have not received a better birthday present from the team!

Zsófia Jáhni: Too bad we cold not win but congratulations to my team because they played nice basketball.  In the last period, the refs called many fouls on us and therefore BEAC could win.

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