This was a beautiful regular season finale, girls!! – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

This was a beautiful regular season finale, girls!!

We clinched our fifth win against Cegléd in an away game winning three quarters, playing as a team, and shooting calmly from the free throw line in the end game!

As we said in the introduction, this game was as crucial for Cegléd as it was for us, and winning it was mandatory to finish in the top eight.  Their foreign players, Ortiz and Sotiriou, lead them and with a 5-2 score, the home team was leading at the beginning of the game.  Beatrix Mérész’s points and Dorci Koch’s triple turned this around and sometime later the score board showed 5-9.  The first quarter was better for us mainly because of our teamwork – which is proven by the fact that we dished out 7 assists in the first 10 minutes.  We played well on one-on-one opening the Cegléd defense and thanks to Janae Smith, we did well with rebounding too putting us in the lead by 7 (11-18).

Lana Dusanic grabbed the first offensive rebound in the beginning of the second quarter – too bad we only made one free throw from the line (11-19).  After the second triple of Dorci Koch, we lead by eight units (14-22) but unfortunately, with two outside shots form the home team, the score was (20-22).  Our head coach, Bubu Balogh took her first timeout but the next time down the court, Sotiriou evened the score (22-22).  We did not do well in the back in terms of boxing out and we struggled a bit on offense so Cegléd took control of the game.  Fortunately, they missed their shots working mainly from individual action so they could not get away from us (32-28 was their biggest lead).  At the end of the quarter, in the absence of Tímea Czank, Dóra Szabó, who played as a point guard, beat her defensive players nicely setting the score to 32-30, after 20 minutes of playing.

Even though a basket by Kobolák started the second half, we answered: with a 0-10 run, we managed to take the lead by six (34-30).  Unfortunately, the referees, who did not call many fouls, called the fourth on Dóra Szabó forcing her to the bench.  We played good defense because the home team only scored five points in 7 minutes, but we could not convert this to points on the other end.  Ortiz made a free throw (37-40) which was followed by an outside shot by Sotiriou but Dorci Koch answered by scoring her third triple going into the last period with a 40-43 score.

Where Dorci Koch stopped, Alma Galántai continued; with her triple, our advantage grew to 6 points (40-46).  Cegléd came back to four points (44-48) and when Dorci Koch and Dóra Szabó shook themselves with the latter adding five points, our advantage grew to double digits (44-55)!  Cegléd kept forcing individual solutions but these did not work – we kept our lead which was seven points with two minutes to go (48-55).  Feeling the end, Cegléd started shooting from the field then hit a foul immediately on defense.  Even though they made two triples, our hands did not shake from the free throw line and much to the surprise of this championship round, we beat the team of Cegléd (54-61)! Our happiness was echoed in Pasarét as with our win, Vasas made the final 8 as well, and we now can play CegléO again along with PINKK and ZTE in the Playout starting next week.

Before this, let’s enjoy the taste of today’s win – this was a masterful TEAM win tonight girls!!

VBW CEKK CEGLÉD–ELTE BEAC ÚJBUDA 54–61 (11–18, 21–12, 8-13, 14–18)

CEGLÉD: Ortiz 6/3, Gorjanácz, Révész L. 5/3, Szotiriou 12/6, T. Moore 9. S: McBryde 2, Kobolák 12/6, Ruják N. 5/3, Szirony 3/3.

BEAC: Szabó D. 11/3, Koch 17/9, Boros J. 10, Mérész 10, Smith 9. S: Dusanics 1, Galántai 3/3, Juhász, Laufer, Zsámár.

Kosztasz Keramidasz: – We shot with a poor percentage again and we only made every third free throw.  It was not enough to play good defense if we missed all the shots on offense and played nervously.

Judit Balogh: – All women are wonderful but the most wonderful are my players for sure.  We love them when they lose, and we love them the same when they win.  The playout is starting soon, I wish everyone good luck and as my friend Judit Balogh told me, who is not me, let’s go little ones!

Cintia Kobolák: Congratulations to BEAC, unfortunately, they wanted to win more than us today.  We knew the risks and unfortunately, our hands shook.

Dóra Koch: We won a big fight.  We wanted to beat a stronger opponent in the regular season, and this was our last chance to do so.  We kept our composure and we wanted this win very much.  I think this was an absolute team effort.

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