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There are reasons to be unhappy

In a ‘half-hearted’ game that showcased many mistakes, we gave a big advantage to the home team, but we had the poise to come back from a 20-point deficit.  We have no reasons to be happy about missing many shots and free throws because we got close to winning this game in the end

Ieshia Small and Virág Kiss started the game with a basket each then baskets were alternating until 9-8.  Pécs got away with a triple and a foul from Szűcs, and Sarok’s outside shot prompting our head coach, Bubu Balogh to ask for a timeout (16-8).  We could not get closer (18-10) and it was a lowlight that we missed four times from the free throw line in the first 10 minutes.  At the end of the quarter, Lana Dusanic and Janae Smith’s points brought us closer setting a 4-point deficit after 10 minutes (18-14).

It could be felt on both teams that this is their third game of the week, so neither could operate their ‘machinery’ on 100% intensity.  After a two-and-a-half-minute silence Tímea Czank scored a triple but Lana Dusanic only made one free throw out of two (21-18).  At 23-20, Pécs centers took the team on their back an scored six points from the paint allowing Pécs to get away even more (29-20).  Both teams had timeouts and at 31-20, the difference grew to double digits which was brought back to under 10 points at the end of the quarter with a free throw by Julcsi Boros (34-25).

The 10-point difference settled after the halftime, then the Pécs centers shone again to get away further (40-28).  After a triple from Sánta, at 45-28, the twenty-point difference was within reach for the home team.  It was very annoying that we kept stealing the ball in the back, but we could not make the easiest layups and shots in the front as if the basket was closed for us.  This resulted in 36 scored points on our side at the end of the third quarter putting us in a serious deficit (50-36).

The last quarter was opened by a triple by Beatrix Mérész but we could not come closer because first Andusic then Sánta scored a basket (55-38).  A triple by Dora Koch at 57-41 gave us some hope but we left Andusic alone underneath the basket twice and she made both shots (61-44).  It seemed like it was not going to end well but the girls – fortunately – thought differently.  Beatrix Mérész then Dóra Koch scored a triple each then Dóra Koch had a steal and passed to Lana Dusanic setting first a 63-47, then a 63-52 score.  It would have been good to accelerate the climb back up but at this point, the teams seemed to come to a halt, and we could not convert our offensive game to points.  The fighting of Lana Dusanic resulted in two free throws and a steal – too bad that in the end game, Gabi Laufer’s hands also shook at the free throw line (63-57).  After another good defensive play, Ieshia Small scored, ending our 2-15 run and allowing us to come back to 63-59 with 12 seconds left on the clock.  We fouled Wentzel who made her free throws and from this point, there was no turning back and Pécs won the game 65-59.

Too bad we could not concentrate 100% for the whole game and we made many mistakes underneath the basket and in rebounding because just like in the first game, we had the chance to win.  There are no ‘ifs’ in sports and there is only one winner at the end.  We have no other choice but to face Vasas on Wednesday at home!

PEAC-Pécs – ELTE BEAC Újbuda 65–59 (18–14, 16–11, 16–11, 15–23)

Pécs: Sánta 8/6, Wentzel 9, Straumane 11, Andusic 12, Kiss V. 8. S: Sarok 6/3, Szücs R. 9/6, Kaposi 2, Habling

BEAC: Czank 10/3, Boros 3, Small 6, Mérész 10/3, J. Smith 6. S: Dusanic 12/3, Koch 3/3, Laufer 1, Szabó D. 8/6

Ferenc Csirke: – Besides rebounding, BEAC was better in everything.  We cannot have 18 turnovers at home.  The injury of Irina Szelcova weighs heavily on us and not only because she is under 20 years old but because she gave a lot of additional energy to the team coming off the bench.  It was a shame to let BEAC back into the game at the end.

Judit Balogh: – It was not a nice game rather quite ugly.  There were many mistakes on both sides, and I am sorry that we did not come out on top because besides the rebounding we were partners in all other statistical categories.  I would have been happy with an ugly win.

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