We have our first win! – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

We have our first win!

We led for 40 minutes in Zalaegerszeg and we ended up scoring over 100 points.  We played well offensively but we have a lot to improve in our defense until our next game against Vasas in two weeks.

With Julcsi Boros’ two great steals, we had a quick start and the first ZTE timeout was called at a score of 0-6.  The home team kept in the game with outside shots and they came back to 7-10 then to 12-15 but we tightened our defense and with a 0-12 run, we managed to get away 12-27.  Until the end of the quarter, the home team only scored 4 points while, with the double of Lana Dusanic and Dorci Szabó’s buzzer beater triple, we were at 36 points after 10 minutes leading by 20 points (16-36).

We opened the second quarter with Lana Dusanic’ free throws setting the 20-point difference (22-42).  ZTE took advantage of our defensive holes and came a bit closer (26-42).  In return, our head coach, Bubu Balogh, did a full lineup substitution, something that is not often seen in Nb1.  We could not stabilize our defense and our first timeout came at a 14-10 quarter score.  We had an easy time on offense up front (30-50) but in the back, we made some big mistakes so we could not increase our lead (36-56).  At the end of the quarter, the Bosnian point guard of the home team, Dzombeta and Ieshia Small ran into each other.  They both ended up continuing the game, closing the half with some free throws by Ieshia Small.  Halftime score was 38-59 but the momentum of game showed that our win is not in danger.

Ieshia Small closed the first half and opened the second half as well.  With her 21 points, our lead increased to 25 points (42-67) then after a great play by Tímea Czank and Beatrix Mérész, at 42-69, Péter Ambrus called for a timeout.  Our defense was a little better during the first few minutes and after a triple by Julcsi Boros, we reached the 30-point difference (42-72).  Lana Dusanic played well underneath the basket and kept increasing the number of her points.  We won the quarter by 12-24, and we went into the last quarter with a 50-83 score.

There are many things to be proud of, but our last quarter defense is not one of them.  Mányoky had a triple fest in the last period.   Fortunately, the team worked very well in the last quarter and what is important is that everyone could contribute so not one player had to play too many minutes in the game.  Five players scored more than 10 points in the game and Lana Dusanic and Dorci Szabó coming off the bench also scored in double digits and it was good to see the total points coming from the bench (out of the 108 point, 42 were scored from the bench).  We have won the rebounding game (47-22) and we only got beat in assists – of course, it is hard to burn at a thousand degrees at a game like this…  (ZTE had similar stats in its game against Cegléd, maybe for a reason).  One thing is for sure, we need to tighten our defense for the next games but tonight we need to celebrate that we clinched our first win of the 2020-2021 season in the second round!

ZTE Női Kosárlabda Klub–ELTE BEAC Újbuda 74–108 (16–36, 22–23, 12–24, 24–25)

ZTE: Dzombeta 17/3, Úr 2, Mányoky J. 21/15, Szabó P. 18, Tuchscherer 6. S: Horváth Fruzsina 2, Kulcsár 6, Chroméj 2, Dömötör, Szabó K., Horváth Fanni.

BEAC: Czank 9, Small 23, Boros  J 18/6, Mérész 12, Smith 4.  S:  Dusanic 20, Szabó D. 2, Koch 13/9, Juhász 2, Laufer 5, Zsámár.

Péter Ambrus: – The first ten minutes did not go well.  We could never climb back from a 20-point deficit and we played with many ups and downs.  This was mainly due to our rotation and we had issues with rebounding too.

Judit Balogh: – I always hated when the loser congratulated me.  ZTE will cause other teams some difficulties.  This was my first ZTE win and I need to learn how to give interviews after a win.

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