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We are suspending the collection of membership fees

Press release

Considering the recent developments, our management has decided to suspend membership fees starting on April 1, 2020.  This measure will be valid for one month.

We have talked to the president of our department, Pál Buttás, about background of this decision:

We, along with everyone else, were very surprised at the sudden halt of basketball.  Due to the changed circumstances, we need to install emergency measures in order to continue our operations and to ensure the ongoing professional work.  All age groups have started online practices and our coaches, and our support staff are highly motivated to prepare all kinds of professional material which is very welcomed by all players.

Right now, membership fees are suspended for a month.  What is the background of this decision?

Each team has a different opportunity.  I have been heading up this department for almost forty years and we were always among those who had to look at expenses and spending twice.  Unfortunately, this is the same today.  Some teams have no financial issues because federal or state government grants are available as a form of support, some teams have significant sponsorship contracts and some other teams are very successful in filling up the TAO system due to some local very favorable circumstances.  We do not belong to either of these categories.

As a result, we are in an especially difficult situation.  In order to finish our sports development program for the 2019/2020 season, we are missing a significant amount of TAO contribution and we need to think and plan already for the 2020/2021 program.

We hardly talk about the background of the TAO system, but it is important to know that in order to be able to spend the TAO amount, we need to have our own contribution as well.  The three sources of our contribution are: government (in the current situation the government has delayed the deadline for the support applications until mid-June), supplementary support grants and membership fees.  Currently, all of these sources together do not amount to the amount of our own needed contribution amount and we have not even talked about our other expenses (bank fees, accounting fees, bus operating costs, etc.), which would need to be covered from this amount as well.  We probably never needed support this much in the past as we need it right now so we would like to ask our supporters, parents, fans and people who know us and if they can, to help us now.

We also know that many people are in a difficult situation now and many people lose their jobs and/or part of their income as a result of this pandemic.  Because of this, and despite of all difficulties we are having currently, we will suspend the membership fees for a month.  If the pandemic situation warrants it, we might extend this period further.  This is what we can do to help families now.

Much like in the past forty years, we continue to have unbroken faith in the strength of the community.  We have always managed to deal with our challenges.  I am honestly hoping that this will be the case now as well.

Our youth teams continue working in a digital remote format and I can say with much enthusiasm.

The coaches and players have adjusted fast and successfully to these changed circumstances.  Kudos to everyone for this and we cannot stress it enough: it is important for everyone to comply with federal and local governmental as well as other agency policies and instructions.  Everyone needs to be patient; everyone needs to stay healthy and everyone needs to take care of themselves and others.  Everything is replaceable except for human life.

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