Depleted by the end – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

Depleted by the end

We played against Diósgyőr with significantly reduced numbers and with a short team fighting until our strength allowed us to in a game that showed some great playing on our part.  As could be expected though, the guest team with more experience and a deeper rotation got away from us gradually and won by a big margin in a game with many points

Slowly we can advertise that that we have a “Hospital at the end of the city” (television series – ed.) operating in Újbuda as we almost have as many injured people as players who can play.  This situation prompted management to have Anna Laklóth in uniform and also in the starting five already next to Klaudia Papp, Virág Vincze, Anna Suppán and Tímea György.  Kiss’ center points were answered by a triple by Anna Suppán and in the second minute, Anna Laklóth scored her first BEAC points from free throws (4-4).  We tried to compensate the guest skill and height advantage by moving around and being brave.  Anna Suppán played well scoring her 7thpoint in the 4thminute (13-12).  Kányási however, made sure that DVTK took the lead right back (13-19).  The guests used Sulciute’s height advantage well (she scored 15 points in the first quarter alone…) but with enthusiasm and good plays as well as with Dóra Szabó’s good timing stepping in, we could keep ourselves in the game (23-23).  The end of the quarter saw Fanni Szabó’s triple, and even though the number of received points was high (27-35), we had reasons to smile because of some nice offensive plays.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the difference quickly grew to double digits mainly because of Walker-Kimbrough and this was the period when the dominance caused by the height difference could be really seen.  The centers – Kiss, Mokango and Skoric – could often score without any obstacles so the Cziczás-team got ahead by more than 20 points by the middle of the quarter (36-57).  The teams went into the halftime break after a Katona triple, and with a 21-pont difference (39-60).

At half time, we had the third annual “Bring a ball for the Újbuda kindergarteners!” event where balls were flying onto the court endlessly.  THANK YOU very much to everyone who participated in our even this year (too).

Katona scored the first points of the second half and the 20-point difference settled between the teams (44-66).  In the middle of the quarter, Dóra Szabó scored a triple to bring us back within twenty (54-72), but we could not come closer.  For the guests, Walker-Kimbrough scored a lot in this period and we could not play good defense against Skoric either.  The third quarter closed with Klaudia Papp’s double, at 64-88.

We did not start the last quarter well because within a minute and a half, we were down by 6, making the difference 30 points and prompting Bubu Balogh to call for a timeout (64-94).  Virág Vincze broke our scoring silence with some free throws but it became apparent that due to our short rotation, we got tired in the head and in the legs as well. DVTK started to score easier and often we could stop them only by fouling them.  We had one or two nice offensive plays but the game closed with Eszter Nagy’s pass to Nikolett Angyal with a significant difference.  The national team break will allow the injured to get healthy and the team to continue to build itself.

ELTE BEAC Újbuda – Aluinvent DVTK 81-121(27-35, 12-25, 25-28, 17-33)

BEAC: Papp 20/9, Vincze 4, Laklóth 7, Suppán 17/9, György 3. S: Szabó D 23/12, Angyal N 7, Nagy E.

DVTK: Medgyessy 11, Walker-Kimbrough 21/3, Skoric 13/3, Mokango 8, Kiss. S: Sulciute 17, Kányási 7/3, Zele 8, Szabó F 19/9, Katona 8/3, Eperjesi 3/3.

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