We have our first win!! – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

We have our first win!!

We cheered our team on in front of a nice size audience, and at the end of a tough and tiring game, we can say that we have our first win in the championship!

The game started great for us as thanks to Anna Suppán, Jovana Mandic and Klaudia Papp as we had 6-0 on the scoreboard after two minutes and Dóra Nagy had to ask for her first timeout.  The guests could not get adjusted and our defense was very good making MTK turn the ball over, and after a sneaky Beatrix Mérész steal, the scoreboard showed 10-0 for us. In the 5thminute, the ex-BEAC player Flóra Szabó scored MTK’s first points (10-2).  In the middle of the quarter, the teams were alternating free throws but we kept our 10-point lead (13-3).  The guest head coach rotated her team a lot and after she finally found a good lineup, MTK started closing in.  Our defense fell apart and our shots were not falling in and the guests manage to make a 0-9 run in two minutes so they quickly closed the gap between us (13-12).

With the free throws of Beatrix Mérész, our advantage shrunk to three points by the end of the first quarter (15-12).  MTK started the second quarter better and with quick 5 points they took the lead (15-17).  After19-19, with the actions of our two guards, Dóra Szabó’s triple and Klaudia Papp’s penetration, we took the lead back prompting the quests to take their second timeout at 24-19.  MTK kept in the game by the free throws of Hegedűs and Flóra Szabó but after a series of bad situations and loss of a rebounds battle, Bubu Balogh called for a timeout as well.  Dóra Szabó scored a basket after a penetration and our lead was up to 6 points again (28-22).  Unfortunately, our outside shots were not working while MTK kept in the game thanks to their two tall players, Hegedűs and Szabó.  The ex-BEAC player, Sára Pusztai evened the score at 28.  Dóra Szabó and Klaudia Papp took us back into a 4-point lead again but his melted to one point by the end of the first half when Jovana Mandic fouled Krisztina Süle, who also played for us last year, who made both free throws cutting the guest disadvantage to a minimum after 20 minutes of playing (33-32).

Dóra Szabó started the second half with a nice penetration but Anna Suppán hitting her fourth foul during the next play increased our problems.  As expected, the game was dominated by toughness rather than finesse but we sometimes saw some nice action.  We had a 4-point lead with Jacinta Beckley’s triple (40-36) but the guests even the scored within seconds and Bubu Balogh called for another timeout.  Beatrix Mérész made a nice jump shot then Klaudia Papp got fouled by Czirják while shooting an underhand shot and she made the free throws that were awarded for the intentional foul scoring 4 points in one go putting us into the lead by six points (46-40).  Moreover, Dóra Szabó made a nice triple and our lead increased to 9 (49-40)!  This lead stayed until the end of the quarter so we went into the last 10 minutes with the score of 51-42.

It would have been nice to have a double-digit lead but instead, MTK came closer to us due to the four points scored by Hegedűs (51-46).  We tried to keep our lead by the points of Dóra Szabó and Jacinta Mandic but Flóra Szabó kept the blue-white team in the game (55-51).  Beatrix Mérész scored 12 points and with her 11 rebounds achieved a double-double while we kept our 6-8 point lead.  Two and a half minutes before the end when we lead by 7 points, Dóra Nagy asked for a timeout (61-54).  Her advice was good because Weber scored twice and our advantage melted to 3 points with one minute to go (61-58).  Klaudia Papp who scored 16 points in the game scored in the last second of our offensive time (63-58) then Czirják on the other side had a last second triple attempt, which landed instead in the hands of Flóra Szabó (63-60). There was not much more time to go than an offense worth but we passed the ball around well then Dóra Szabó got fouled and made both free throws (65-60).  At 9 seconds to go, Dóra Nagy asked for another timeout but we managed to play good defense to deflect that last MTK offense and finally won in a fighting, uneven and tough game, which was our first this year!

Hats off to all the players because everyone fought hard today, some for the floor and some form the bench.  Eight players got playing time today and Beatrix Mérész played the whole game without substitution.  Dóra Szabó and Klaudia Papp played 38 and 37 minutes respectively and Anna Suppán spent 32 minutes on the floor.  Even though we lost the rebounding game by a small margin, we managed to reduce our turnovers to a single digit number and keep MTK at 60 points. We have a lot of work ahead of us but the road is much nicer with our first win under our belt. Congratulations girls, keep up the good work and much success!


ELTE BEAC Újbuda – MTK-Budapest 65-60 (15-12, 18-20, 18-10, 14-18)

Gabányi László Sportcsarnok, Budapest 300 spectators

BEAC:Papp 16, Szabó D 20/6, Suppán 5, Mérész 12, Mandic 5. S: György, Beckley 7/3, Tóth.

MTK:Pusztai S. 2, Süle 6, Szeitl, Szabó F 16, Hegedűs 12. S: Koch 2, Czirják 11/6, Wéber 6, Bernáth 3/3, Baksa 2


Judit Balogh:I was wondering after the game when was the last time that we had a win so early in the season.  I am very curious to see how it is when a team goes on with a win and how this influences the later games – this will be a great experience for me.

Dorottya Nagy: The rest last week did not do any good to us and this showed at the beginning of the game. We managed to come back to the game but BEAC was always able to get away by a few points.  Our shooting was off and we need to improve.

Dóra Szabó:We played a really tough game, we are exhausted but this was the first time that we finally played as a team.

Dóra Koch:We had a very bad start.  We were awed.  This was our first close game of the season and this is always hard.  We managed to get ourselves together but it was very tiring to run after the score so we got really tired by the end.



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