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Szekszárd met expectations

Compared to last week, our starting five in Szekszárd was a bit different.  For the first time, the team included Klaudia Papp who returned from the U23 3×3 world championship Monday night, and Jovana Mandic who replaced Vanessza Kovács who suffered a hand injury last week.

The game started with Gereben points on one side and us precipitately and with turnovers on the other side.  We evened the score with the points of Beatrix Mérész then, just as last week, we kept in the game with a give and take rhythm.  There were many points but little defense and we stayed in the game with the four triples of Jacinta Beckley.  In the back, our defense was not steely enough and our turnovers were quickly turned into points by Szekszárd who got away by 7 points by the end of the first quarter (28-21).

Within seconds, the difference grew to double digits in the second quarter (32-21), while we struggled with the defense of the centers of the home team. A 10-point difference settled and we got slightly closer with a great basket by Beatrix Mérész that followed a Klaudia Papp penetration (38-31).  By the middle of the quarter, our defense practically stopped while the home team made its outside shots.  From these and the free throws made following our faults, the Djokics ladies got away by 17 points (51-34).  The home team scored 51 points in 20 minutes and this showed that our defense is not sharp enough yet.

After the break, the game remained the same.  We made many mistakes including turnovers so in the 24thminute, after the free throws of Bishop, Szekszárd’s advantage grew to 20 points (56-36).  We struggled on offense and we could not get into good shooting positions due to the tough defense the home team played.  We also missed our free throws allowing the white team to get away further.  After two clean jump shots of Studer, Bubu Balogh called for a timeout at 64-38 trying to put order into the heads.  We could only score eight points in this quarter while Szekszárd scored twenty so the quarter closed with 71-42 on the scoreboard.

Immediately after the start the of the last quarter, Bálint scored to reach the thirty-point difference (73-42), then both sides started to use substitutions. Not much excitement left for the last quarter.  Klaudia Papp became the top scorer in her very first Nb1 game.  We also won the rebounding game while we did have many turnovers and the 86 points Szekszárd scored against us showed that we have plenty of work to do before our game against MTK next week.

ATOMERŐMŰ KSC SZEKSZÁRD – ELTE BEAC ÚJBUDA 81-46 (28-21, 23-13, 20-8, 10-4)
Szekszárd: Studer Á. 6, Eldebrink 6/3, Gereben 9/3, McCall 2, Bishop 13/3. Subs: Theodoreán 7/3, Mansaré 13/3, Jovanovics 11/3, Kiss 12, Bálint 7, Studer Zs., Vincze.
BEAC: Papp 17/3, Szabó 2, Beckley 13/12, Mérész 16, Mandic 5. Subs: Suppán 2, Angyal, Tóth, Nagy, Vincze.

Zseljko Djokics: – After the Euro league game, it was difficult to rev up for this game but as a team, we managed to win playing a nice, and fan pleasing game.
Judit Balogh: – Not even easy to withstand slapping but for now, we are excelling at that.


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