Introduction of our new players: Panka Dúl – ELTE BEAC Kosárlabda

Introduction of our new players: Panka Dúl

It was never a question that she will be a basketball player and after her serious injury, she would like to fall in love with basketball again in a BEAC jersey – we talked with Panka Dúl

We can say that your sport was decided quite early, right?

My parents were both Nb1 players so I practically grew up on the court.  I went to mom’s games, played with a ball and shot around then when I was 7-8, I went to the club called BSE.  I was the youngest, everyone was older than me.  I needed some time to fit in but I ended up catching up nicely.

From Városmajor your path took you to Pasarét.


I was called to play in Vasas when I was 13.  I could have gone to a few places but I knew many players at Vasas so this was the most attractive option.  I was playing on the U15 team and with the players born in ’99, I became the youngest again but then we slowly became a nice team.

You played on all the youth teams climbing the “ladder” in Vasas.  What is your favorite memory from this era?

I would mention a U15 finals game from 2015.  We were the older ones in that age group and in the semifinals we played against our big rivals, Csata DSE who beat us every time during the season and with big margins.  In that game however, the tables have turned, we played very well and we won with about a 20-point difference and ended up winning gold at the end as well.

You started playing in Nb1 very early too.

Yes, in 2016, I was 15 when I played for the first time in the top team.  At the beginning, it felt like deep waters but since I started preseason with the team in

August, I had time to get used to the faster game and tougher defense.  I think I was a starter after the second game already and fortunately, I was playing better and better and braver on the court.

Last year, your upward momentum was broken by a serious injury.  What happened exactly and where are you in your rehabilitation?

Last November I tore my ACL and I am recovering from that.  Looks like I can start contact exercising in a few weeks so slowly time will come for me to be able todo work completely.  I have mixed feelings about this as there are some fears in a player after injury which is only natural, but I am also excited to see how it will feel to be on the court again.

Your comeback with happen as a BEAC player.  Why did you feel that you needed a change?

I felt that even my injury was a sign that I was not at the right place.  Before, I could not wait to go to practice but in the last period, I lost this and I did not feel well in that atmosphere.  I needed a change and to work under different coaches and a program.

Why did you decide to play for BEAC?

I had other offers and it felt good that people did not give up on me despite of my injury.  I knew Bubu form the national team and I liked working with her and I am happy to work with her at the club level too.  At BEAC, young players have the main role and I am sure that I can improve every aspect of my game in this kind of atmosphere.

While you are still in high school you are living an independent life as you are living with Trixi.  How new is this to you?

In the past few years, while I lived at home in Solymár, there was an apartment in the city where I could go to those days when for example, practice ended too late.  From this perspective, this is not new that I don’t go home every day.  I became fully independent this year though because I cannot go home during the week at all and I need to do housework which, so far, I enjoy very much.

Your mother works at MTK as a youth coach and your younger sister Terka still plays for Vasas. I think you have a few topics to discuss at the Sunday lunch table.

Obviously, we do talk a lot about basketball.  Terka knows mom’s players much better and she brings her news from her everyday life at Vasas.  Obviously, I also know a lot of people still from there.  It is still strange for her that I completely moved out.  We are planning her first sleepover at my place which will be a lot of fun.

Lastly, the usual question – what do you expect from the upcoming season?

Individually, the most important is to have a good comeback.  I would like to get back into this atmosphere and feel at home on the court again and I expect my love of basketball to return.  There are many new players on the team so the important thing is to become a team and learn to fight for each other because with willpower and work, we can be productive even against much stronger teams.  We are practicing in a good atmosphere so I am looking forward to my return!



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