TFSE arrived to the second game of the Amateur National Championship without two key players, Judit Mányoky and Alma Németh

We started the game nervous and three minutes went by before Judit Barnai scored our first points after the steal of Réka Lelik (2-2).  Our offense did not work effectively, the score board showed 4-6 after 5 minutes.  Judit Balogh kept highlighting the lack of sufficient defense and she kept rotating the players to find the ideal five.  After 8 minutes, the score board showed 8-9 and the fast and secure game of last week was nowhere to be found.  After the second triple of Karlócai the first quarter closed with few points, 10-12.

We ‘have arrived to the game’ in the beginning of the second quarter, with two triples from Ágota Gocsman and a nice assist to Anna Suppán,  Our defense firmed up which made us better n offense as well.  In four and a half minutes, we had a 15-0 run – at 25-12, Zoltán Boros asked for a timeout.  Another minute passed and 4 home points later (we were at 19-0 at that point), TF managed to score their first points in the quarter (29-14).  After 31-14, we stopped on offense and after a 0-7 run, TF closed our lead to 10 points (31-21).  After four successful free throws and two layups after steals, we made an 8-0 run and after the 29-11 second quarter, we could only be sad about Karlócai’s last second double at the end (39-23).

In the beginning of the second half, we seemed to stay in the locker room.  After 3 minutes, we could note a 0-7 result when Petra Pusztai scored from free throws making our first points (40-30).  Judie Barnai missed shots but Petra Pusztai led the team towards victory with her four point (44-30).  We struggled and we did not find good opportunities and even though we did lose the third quarter (15-18), due to the advantage we created in the second quarter, our lead did not seem to be in danger (54-41).

We had nice shots and upsetting defensive mistakes in the last quarter.  We led by almost twenty (62-43) but a few mistakes in the back were enough to allow TF to score (62-47).  The girls fought honestly all the way through, and in the last few minutes everyone got a chance to play and add to the game.  The end was a convincing win (74-52) and even though today was characterized by end of year mood and fatigue, based on the two games, it was no question that the girls deserved the gold medal for the amateur championship!

The CHAMPION of the Amateur National Championship in 2016-17 is ELTE-BEAC ÚJBUDA!

ELTE-BEAC Újbuda – TFSE 74-52 (10-12, 29-11, 15-18, 20-11)

ELTE-BEAC Újbuda: Pusztai 17, Lelik 11/3, Kocsis 8, Suppán 8, Barnai 9. S: Gocsman 15/6, Király, Boros 2, László 4, Zana 2. 


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